The Five Leading Causes of Data Loss


Data Loss

The Five Leading Causes of Data Loss

Remember how it feels when you accidentally deleted important data? Or when your PC was suddenly broken? Losing important data is the worst nightmare you can get in this digital age, not to mention if those data belong to your business.

Of course, there might be some ways to get back your data when you unintentionally delete your data. And often time, those process are meant to be done by professional, with no guarantee that everything can be recovered.

These are five leading causes of data loss you should know:

  1. Hardware or System Malfunctions

It has been observed that most of the data losses occur due to hardware or system malfunctions. Hard drive failure is the common cause of data loss. Hard drives are the flimsiest parts of a system. Most of the hard disk failure occurs due to mechanical issues, human mishandling, overheats, sudden power failure, liquid damage, etc. Hence, to prevent it from damage, one should keep the computer dust free and using an uninterrupted power supply to reduce the risk of data loss because of power failure.

  1. Power Outage

Certainly, a power failure can halt business operations significantly. A sudden shutdown due to an abrupt power outage can damage your hard drive which could lead to inaccessibility of your essential data. Thus, to avoid data loss situation, it is advised to use a generator or a backup battery to protect your system during a power outage.

  1. Human Errors

Another cause of data loss is human errors. For instance, when someone in your company unintentionally deleted files or folders. Sometimes, users delete some important files such as system registry settings, alteration OS files location or attribute, etc.

  1. Malware attack

There are various kind of viruses which could attack computers every day. Being connected to worldwide network has many advantages; however, it opens computers to many serious risks. Virus attack could impact your computer performs, even worst it can steal your important data too. Imagine your client databases, technical inventions, industrial information, or any data that have serious monetary value get damaged or stole by a hacker. That’s why it is important to have your backup data.

  1. Natural Disasters

Who can be blame if your office or your data center got flooded? Or if your building burnt down along with your data storage. Having regular backups and keeping them in various locations sometimes makes tremendous difference. Do not let accidents hit you unexpectedly, make backups of your data now.

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