Zettagrid Indonesia SecondSite Disaster Recovery

SecondSite Disaster Recovery

SecondSite is a real time disaster recovery replication (DRaaS) solution built on the award-winning Zerto platform that provides recovery site, data synchronisation, accessibility and activation for part or all of your virtual environment. SecondSite removes the complicated setup and the financial risks, making it easier and very affordable to get the security and risk mitigation you need to protect your business and your customers. 

With SecondSite as part of your disaster recovery plan, your business is better prepared and can successfully manage crisis if disaster happens. It enables your business to replicate your virtualised IT environment into Zettagrid cloud and when disaster impact your business, you can have your IT up and running within minutes until your primary site recovers. Say goodbye to expensive secondary data center, duplicated IT equipment and lengthy wait periods interrupting your operations and impacting your business.

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Replication – innovative disaster recovery

Zerto as an industry standard replication software in combination with our middleware to provide full automation along with Zettagrid VDC cloud product, you have access to the right solution for your business. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

The product allow you to keep on-premise production virtualised environments synchronised to the Zettagrid cloud to enable near real time DR failover and failback with Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of mere seconds and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of a few minutes.

A disaster recovery solution for all businesses, large or small

SecondSite is scalable. Whether you’re protecting 1 VM or 1000 VMs, it’s the same reliable and affordable solution for small businesses and large enterprises.


Testing and deployment of SecondSite is fast, with the lowest RPOs available of any cloud service. Performing a full failover takes only a few minutes with almost no impact to your day-to-day business operations. Your users probably won’t even know that you failed over into the cloud.

If disaster happen to impact your business, you can have IT up and running within minutes until your primary site recovers. That’s because your virtualised IT environment is replicated in Zettagrid cloud.

Ensure you are prepared for a disaster with our handy DR checklist.

Compliance reporting made easy

It is challenging to demonstrate and report on compliance for disaster recovery.

With SecondSite, all compliance reporting information you need is easy to access and on-demand at any time within our management portal. This makes it easier to report DR compliance across your company, to your Board of Directors or with auditors. You have options available to you to have scheduled reporting completed by system.

Innovative solutions means extensive features

DR you can test any time

Low RPOs

(RPOs in as little as three seconds)

Low RTOs


Regional Locations

Real-time monitoring

No Hardware Requirements

Integrates with WANs

Co-locate Equipment



SecondSite is built on Zerto’s reliable cloud business continuity platform and utilises virtual replication - the standard for protection of applications in cloud and virtualised data centers in Indonesia. With SecondSite’s Replication-as-a-Service offering powered by Zerto, you benefit from all the capabilities of a typical disaster recovery solution, but without the requirement of a dedicated data center.


In order to support corporate needs, IT managers are responsible for making sure information and applications are always available.

With our Comparing Disaster Recover Concepts whitepaper, find out how traditional disaster recovery sites and approaches to data synchronisation compare with SecondSite. 


Our video guide series makes it easy for you to understand the ins and outs of disaster recovery and why SecondSite is the right choice for your business. From outlining the benefits of replication as a service in Disaster Recovery, to a step by step explanation of the simple installation process, our Principal Technologist/Evangelist Luke Brown has you covered. To provide you with added support, our handy FAQs page goes deeper into a range of important and informative topics.


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"The most shocking thing was the simplicity. I have been in IT for 20 years, and things just get more and more complex. The Zettagrid team told us this would be easy, and we were not disappointed. This was very easy to install, implement and maintain."

- Troy Cook, IT Manager, HIF

Health Insurance Fund (HIF) of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with over 120,000 members who rely on them to provide the insurance coverage they need for their healthcare. Their IT team was already stretched and was using a Site Recovery Manager with array-based replication, which was complex and costly, as it required a full secondary site.

SecondSite was the solution HIF needed.

Find out about how we created value for HIF.

SecondSite adds value to businesses in all sectors

Read examples of how SecondSite benefits many type of business.

Simple pricing, simple plans

SecondSite is IDR 1.500.000 per VM, per month, with no lock-in contracts.  Gone are the days of complexity with base service fees, resource reservation fees, license fees, storage costs, ram costs, cpu costs, consulting and implementation costs. Each test is IDR 15.000.000 for the resources used.

If you ever needed to fail over in the event of a disaster and run production in Zettagrid, you be will charged for the resources you use as if you were running production in our cloud. Our handy VDC pricing calculator will help you plan and estimate the cost for your business in the event of a disaster. SecondSite is IDR 1.500.000 per VM, per month, with no lock-in contracts.