Our infrastructure is backed up to a separate data centre from our production availability zones. Additionally, each of our availability zones remain self-contained, so if there is an outage that affects one zone it will not affect customers in another one. Central services are replicated cross-zone for further fault tolerance.
What is included
We backup our infrastructure including environment configuration and supporting infrastructure configuration (ie Zettagrid’s core DNS, DHCP, AD, vCloud-Director Cells, vCenters, SQL DB Clusters, etc) and Customer machine configuration (ie, the details about your VMs you see in the ‘My Services’ pages).
Additional Backup Options
Zettagrid does NOT backup your virtual machines unless you purchase a Zettagrid Backup service. You are responsible for backup of data from your virtual machines and implementing the appropriate retention policy. We offer a comprehensive list of backup and disaster recovery services for Servers and Data Centre’s and recommend that you purchase one of these options.