Leading cloud technology

We take full advantage of VMware’s vCloud Director platform. This technology truly sets us apart from other virtualisation and cloud providers by allowing us to offer our customers enterprise service levels with features like vMotion, HA, Fault Tolerance and DRS. Our platform is vCloud certified.

Self service automation

The key to delivering a true cloud is automation and giving our Customers control. We don’t have dozens of engineers providing the illusion of an automated cloud. Our systems are actually automated. 

Wide range of operating system

From premium operating system like Windows Server and Redhat Enterprise Linux to free, open-sourced selection like CentOS and ubuntu, you are free to choose whatever fits your preference.

Designed to deliver up-time

Zettagrid is built with high availability as our primary goal. Each component of the Zettagrid Platform has been designed with redundancy in mind. We have redundancy at all levels including multiple data centres, compute chassis, compute hosts, network core, IP transit and SAN storage.

Enterprise Hardware

Our environment is representative of a scaled out enterprise platform. Every zone is designed to be the same and utilises industry leading equipment from DELL/EMC and Juniper.

cloud technology