Data Archival

Intelligent data protection

Data is growing exponentially. That growth represents both a major data management challenge and a big opportunity for organizations.


Faster Storage & Data Archival

Whatever your requirement, from 1TB to multiple petabytes we will be able to provide a solution. We can also cater for different storage workload types from 100IOPS for archive storage through to 4000+ IOPS for high speed transactional data.

Repurpose your capital

You can easily scale up and down your data storage requirement so you only pay when you need it. Our data storage facility also makes the storage of large quantities of data economically feasible.

Security First

Your data and its processing will be in safe hands. Our Platform can supply automated backup and disaster recovery. We also provide firewalls, enterprise-grade security and Indonesian data sovereignty. You’ll always know where your data is.
Veeam Backup
Veeam Backup
Data Sovereignty
Veeam Replication
SecondSite DRaaS
SecondSite DRaaS