Configure Veeam Backup From Client Side

Details to Connect: Gateway: veeam.[per|syd|mel] username: VCC_nnnnnn password: xxx These details are available in your Veeam Subscription in My Account. Veeam B&R Setup and Configuration: In the B&R Console select the Backup Infrastructure Menu and right click on Service Providers Click the Add Service Provider and enter in the following Name: veeam.[per|syd|mel] Port: 6180 (default) Verify […]

How To Create VM Using A Template

Once your vDC has been provisioned it’s time to start your Cloud by creating some Virtual Machines. You can create a Virtual Machine (VM) by using the vCloud Director. Here are the easy steps: 1. Login to your vCloud Director. Find your username and password within the My Account portal. 2. Go to the My Cloud tab and click on […]

Happy Eid Ramadhan 1440 H

Zettagrid mengucapkan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa Ramadhan 1440 H. Semoga kita senantiasa diberikan keberkahan di bulan yang suci ini.

Zettagrid at Migration to Smart Hospital 4.0 Event

Zettagrid collaborate with one of their premium partner PT System Design Center (SDC) has participated in “Migration to Smart Hospital 4.0” event held by Aptiknas. More than 50 hospital participant around Bandung and West Java excited to come to this event. Participant get the latest update from hospital technology which delivered by Aptiknas member. Hendry […]

Configure Networks, DHCP, NAT And Firewall

In Zettagrid we make all things become simple and faster. Including to configure networks, DHCP, NAT and firewall in virtual data center. Virtual Data Center allows you to configure network services such as DHCP, firewalls, network address translation (NAT), VPN and static routing for your organisation’s network. On the Networks Tab you have a number […]

Migration To Smart Hospital 4.0

The Smart Hospital concept is aimed at creating a single IT environment composed of automated of specialized and auxiliary process. In the course of this new technological revolution, a huge amount of data, cloud computing services, machine learning methods and artificial intelligence solutions are being combined. According Frost & Sullivan, 10% of hospital will become […]

Are You New to Virtual Data Center? Here Is Simple Guide to Start It

Own A World Class Data Center at Your Finger Tips Virtual Data Center (VDC) simplifies your first step to a fully virtualized data center architecture by allowing you to rapidly provision and easily manage pool of virtual machines/servers for every business needs. Forget predefined instance sizes and avoid the complexity of networking and security as […]

Learn How to Quick Setup SecondSite DRaaS with Simple Steps

Experience An Instant, Simple and Reliable Disaster Recovery with SecondSite DRaaS SecondSite DRaaS simplifies your disaster recovery/business continuity strategy. Delivered through cloud, the service allows you to rapidly deploy a disaster recovery site without owning the technology, buying hardware and training personnel for your secondary site. Excluding failover, failback and disaster recovery processes is just […]

A Comprehensive Cloud IaaS For Your Business Continuity

Why Zettagrid? These are some of the common concerns towards public cloud adoption: Compatibility with the existing on-premises infrastructure and or cloud platform Lack of cloud computing capabilities Data security and networking policies SLA & performance Unpredictable billing & hidden cost Customer support Responding to these concerns, Zettagrid brings the most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure […]

Zettagrid Acquires Cloud Provider Silverain

Sydney, 15 January 2019 – Zettagrid today announced the company has acquired Silverain Technology , an Australian provider of dedicated private cloud infrastructure service based in Perth. The acquisition is part of Zettagrid’s ongoing plans for growth and provides greater scale, product breadth and reach within it’s core market Australia. “Silverain is a good fit […]