Knowing what happens to your data when it sits in the cloud is vitally important. We have extracted some data related statements from our General Terms and Conditions so you know our position.

5.1 Data Ownership

5.1.1 At all times, the “Customer Data” remains the exclusive property of The Customer.
5.2 Data Import and Export
5.2.1 Customer Data (subject to any licence transfer limitations as per section 5.8) may be imported or exported from or to Zettagrid at any time by you.
5.2.2 If you are unable to retrieve this data using Zettagrid supplied self-provisioned means (i.e. File Download) and You request manual intervention by Zettagrid, then we will charge You an hourly rate for the copy and shipping of this data.

5.3 Data Retention

5.3.1 Once The Customer cancels their service, Zettagrid will erase the Customer Data from our systems no later than 90 days from the date of cancellation.
5.3.2 The Customer Data shall not be retrievable at this point by Zettagrid in any shape or form.
5.3.3 We may retain meta data pertaining to The Customer account and usage for an indefinite period.

5.4 Data Access

5.4.1 We will not attempt to gain access to the Customer Data without express written consent of The Customer.
5.4.2 We do not use Customer Data in order to generate revenue other than through provision of the service.
5.4.3 If we are approached by law enforcement agencies it is our policy to provide the request information upon receipt of a valid state or federal legal request.
5.4.4 We do not provide access to Customer Data to third parties other than law enforcement agencies as set out above.

5.5 Data Sovereignty

5.5.1 We store all Customer Data and backups of this data within Indonesia.
5.5.2 We may offer Products that store data outside of the Indonesia lawful jurisdiction. Where this is the case, we will identify that the Customer Data maybe stored in a non-Indonesian location.
5.5.3 We cannot guarantee the service usage information and related meta data is not stored by our upstream communication providers in non-Indonesian locations.

5.6 Data Backup

5.6.1 Zettagrid will be responsible for backup of Zettagrid Data. Zettagrid Data means Zettagrid configuration and supporting infrastructure configuration (i.e. Zettagrid’s core DNS, DHCP, Microsoft AD, VMware vCloud-Director Cells, VMware vCenters, and Microsoft SQL Database clusters), service usage and Customer machine configuration (i.e. the details about the Customers virtual machines seen in the ‘My Services’ pages in My Account).
5.6.2 Zettagrid does NOT backup your Customer Data unless you purchase a Zettagrid Backup service.
5.6.3 You are solely responsible for backup of Customer Data and for implementation of an appropriate retention strategy.
5.6.4 Where you subscribe to a Zettagrid Backup Service, you are responsible for setting up, maintaining, monitoring and testing backups.

5.7 Data Breaches

5.7.1 If we discover that your data has been lost or compromised, we will notify you as soon as practicable by email, telephone or our website, unless that notification would compromise a criminal investigation into the breach.
5.7.2 When we are in possession of evidence of criminal activity associated with the breach (such as evidence of hacker activity) we will notify appropriate law enforcement agencies.