MyAccount Release 72 (Leeuwin) Notes


Release 72 (Leeuwin) and Release 71 (Kalbarri) are combined in this announcement. Veeam Insider Protection can now be purchased from the MyAccount portal and a range of improvements and bug fixes have been introduced.


  • Support automated purchase and management of Veeam Insider Protection options on Veeam Cloud Connect Backup. (71)


  • Improve validation of partner code on account creation (r72)
  • Improve tooltips on password change, payments (r72)
  • Password reset notification for parent account included reset link (r72)
  • Improve Direct Debit form field order (r72)
  • Improve display of pending payments (r72)
  • Support migration from VMware NSX-V plans to NSX-T (r71)
  • Improve error messages and display in subscription overview pages (r71)
  • Automatically trim whitespace from usernames when logging in (r71)
  • Improved data loading spinners in overview page, including VPS (r71)

Bug Fixes

  • Restore user and seed password display for firewalls (r72)
  • Fix quote summary display (r72)
  • Fix SGD payment options (r72)
  • Fix display of VCDA (VMware Cloud Availability) dialog (r71)
  • VCCR (Veeam Cloud Connect Replication) cancel button hidden (r71.1)