The Role Of Firewall On Cloud Computing

Firewall on cloud

The role of Firewall on Cloud Computing

It is true that the digital era has opened up many opportunities in utilizing technology in everyday’s life. Various aspects ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, business and even healthcare are now into digital. That’s why technology can make it easier for people’s activities today.

Although it has many positive impacts on everyday life, technology could also come with the risks that can be occured. Sometimes, technology with a low security system has a big potential threat, especially to the company or organization that owns the system. Therefore, protection is needed to avoid technological security risks. One of them is by using a Firewall system.

According to Forcepoint, a firewall is a network security device that can monitor traffic, grant permission, or block user activity in accordance with implemented security rules. This system aims to provide a barrier between your organization’s internal network and traffic from its external sources. Hence, malicious traffic such as viruses and hacker attacks can be blocked with a Firewall system.

Not only that, Firewall also has a crucial functions for Cloud Computing which is currently becoming a digital infrastructure. Here are 3 functions of Firewall on Cloud that you need to know:

  1. Protect the server from suspicious remote access

If your business is currently running remotely, then each user will definitely work remotely as well. Of course, users will need an internet connection because of it. However, does the internet connection that you use have the same security system as you work at the office?

In the current situation, hackers might attack and move user’s monitor controls. Like the case of a hacker attacking a video conference application a few times ago. However, by installing a Firewall, you don’t have to worry about it. Because, the function of a Firewall on Cloud is to determine which users can access the company’s servers.

  1. Block content that is dangerous 

Have you ever warned that the website you access has content that can compromise the security of your data? If you have experienced this, it can be said that it is one of the functions of Firewall. At Zettagrid cloud service, we have a layered Firewall that can detect dangerous websites for your data security. Hence, the website can’t be opened by the user anymore.

  1. Protect your company data

Like network security systems in general, a Firewall on Cloud becomes a protection for internal company data. Therefore, it can’t be accessed easily by others and your vital data is not easily stolen, lost, or even used for unwanted things.

Zettagrid Indonesia provides cloud services with layered Firewalls that comply with international security certification standards. So, you no longer need to worry about starting to move your data to the Zettagrid cloud because its security has been guaranteed.

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