A Comprehensive Cloud IaaS For Your Business Continuity

zettagrid comprehensive cloud services

Why Zettagrid?

These are some of the common concerns towards public cloud adoption:

  • Compatibility with the existing on-premises infrastructure and or cloud platform
  • Lack of cloud computing capabilities
  • Data security and networking policies
  • SLA & performance
  • Unpredictable billing & hidden cost
  • Customer support

Responding to these concerns, Zettagrid brings the most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure (IaaS) platform to Indonesia. Truly automated, easy to use, and super scalable, Zettagrid platform helps customers to enjoy the true benefits of cloud computing.

There are several important reasons why Zettagrid is the best cloud choice;

  • Fully flexible cloud. Zettagrid’s VM lets you customize virtual servers to match exactly what you need and pay only for the resources you are going to use.
  • No complex charge. Unlike other cloud providers, Zettagrid doesn’t charge for IOPs, Reads/Writes, PUTs, GETs, and all of the other typical nasty cloud complexities. You will receive only one simple monthly charge for your cloud and network usage.
  • Enterprise Technology with Simple Management. Zettagrid’s cloud infrastructure is powered by VMware vCloud Director platform with simple management from our portal.
  • Predictable Billing. You are in a full control of your expenses and will never experience a bill shock. Volume and term discounts are available above our retail pricing.
  • Love Us or Leave Us. No contract is the key element to Zettagrid’s cloud computing philosophy. Customers always have a freedom of choice and we set out to keep you happy in retaining your business.
  • Local Expert Support. Two availability zones residing in Indonesia and operating with 24/7 support from the local expert team will keep and secure your data within the national boundary.
  • Secure and Certified. ISO and PCI certified cloud will surely give you a service to meet your security and compliance expectation. It is simply a peace of mind.

For further information about Zettagrid product and service do not hesitate to contact sales@zettagrid.id or directly contact to +62-811-28-38-78 and +62-21-2789-9962