Learn How to Quick Setup SecondSite DRaaS with Simple Steps

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Experience An Instant, Simple and Reliable Disaster Recovery with SecondSite DRaaS

SecondSite DRaaS simplifies your disaster recovery/business continuity strategy. Delivered through cloud, the service allows you to rapidly deploy a disaster recovery site without owning the technology, buying hardware and training personnel for your secondary site. Excluding failover, failback and disaster recovery processes is just one click away.

Built on the award-winning Zerto platform, the solution creates redundancy for mission critical applications and data which you need to recover quickly when catastrophic events, such as hardware failure, human error, natural disasters and power failure, occur. It enables near real time DR failover and failback with RPO’s of only seconds and RTO’s of few minutes.

This service suits all business due to it’s scalability. Whether you are protecting one VM or 1,000 VMs. Secondsite DR stays as reliable and affordable solution for small business and large enterprises.

Learn more how to quick setup SecondSite DRaaS by clicking this link QuickSetup

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