4 Advantages of Cloud in the Healthcare Industry

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4 Advantages of Cloud in the Healthcare Industry


As pandemic COVID-19 spread, the healthcare industry is increasing during this situation. According to Deloitte, people are more concerned about their health more than before, today. It can be seen by their behavior of learning about health risks and how to improve it. That’s why the healthcare industry now needs to overcome the challenge.

However, by massive people coming to healthcare, a lot of data also will be generated from it. Conventional storage definitely will not be enough to store massive data. Therefore, cloud adoption can be a solution for that. With the cloud, healthcare can optimize its data management practices. Not only that, but the cloud can also bring advantages to the healthcare industry. What are them? Read 4 advantages of cloud in the healthcare industry below:

1.     Lowering of costs 

One of the advantages of the cloud is this technology offers on-demand availability of computer resources. By this advantage, hospitals and healthcare providers don’t need to purchase other hardware and servers anymore. Besides, the cloud also provides the organization’s payment system for the resources it uses. So, it could result in massive cost savings.

2.     Ease of interoperability

When healthcare providers have a lot of patients, automatically it will generate massive data for the organizations. Therefore, healthcare needs interoperability that aims to establish data integration throughout its system. But don’t worry, the cloud could make it easy for organizations. With interoperability fueled by the cloud, patient data is readily available to distribute and facilitate healthcare planning and delivery. 

3.     Access to high power analytics

Data is a huge asset for healthcare to plan other innovations for customers. Therefore, storage like cloud computing is needed to store and process it. By adopting cloud, relevant patient data from different sources can be collated and computed. Not only that, but the implementation of Big Data analytics of patient data on the cloud-stored could also strengthen medical research. That’s why these advantages of the cloud can make data processing becomes more feasible. 

 4.     Prevent data loss

Most healthcare providers and hospitals are likely to keep medical records with physical copies. This might be a common thing for a hospital to do, yet it will cause risk like data loss. Paper records could be misplaced, become torn or faded, or otherwise damaged by the disaster. But, when an organization starts to shift its conventional storage to cloud-stored, the risk of data loss will be prevented.

By using cloud services like Backup as a Service or Disaster Recovery as a Service, the organization can replicate their data as well without any mistakes. So, healthcare providers don’t have to worry more about data loss that is caused by disaster and human error.

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