What Need to Look For in Choosing Disaster Recovery?

choosing disaster recovery

What Need to Look For in Choosing Disaster Recovery?

As business evolves, utilizing Disaster Recovery is an important aspect for business systems and data to stay protected. By placing the safety backup plan on a secondary data center, enterprise can secure its business continuity out of the risk of downtime and data loss. Therefore, Disaster Recovery can be a solution for enterprise to minimize the loss of revenue, reputation, and all business data.

However, finding the right Disaster Recovery requires more technical level and the management experts to systematically meet those critical objectives. Moreover, not all Disaster Recovery capabilities are created equal. So, if your business needs to find Disaster Recovery solution, try not to focus on one cloud provider solution. Here are the tips to find the Disaster Recovery that your business needs:

1. Look for the reliability 

In requirement of choosing the best Disaster Recovery solution, a service which is highly reliable is supposed to be the important aspect that business looking for. This can be said as the failover service is going to take 24 hours before it starts to work.

Therefore, business needs to check that the cloud provider offers the high reliable Disaster Recovery. So, if your business experiencing downtime, the solution will be activated and begin to process your systems and applications.

2. Check the Flexibility

In this digital era, many businesses have turned to multi-cloud to optimize their IT environment. By adopting multi-cloud, IT departments not only can efficient their IT infrastructure, but also minimize the potential of hardware investment. That’s why this cloud model is often used for a solution for the company.

Disaster Recovery-optimized cloud is one of the popular drivers for multi cloud portfolios. But again, in looking for this solution, business needs to consider the cloud service provider who will work with you to customize the solution availability SLA. Thus, business will meet the flexibility in its IT infrastructure.  

3. Consider The ROI

 We all know, Disaster Recovery solution is a premium service and will cost more than backup and recovery services.

But still, calculate the cost of the service against business losses from a disaster event for true Return of Investment (ROI). According to enterprisestorageforum.com, when a mission- or business-critical application must be continuously available, Disaster Recovery solution will keep it up and running. This protects the organization from major financial hits, should a critical application be unavailable for hours or days.

4. Security Concerns

Besides reliability and flexibility, the security feature also has to be one of the concern for business in choosing Disaster Recovery solution. To counter these concerns, business needs to look for a cloud service provider which enables secure Disaster Recovery replication, failover, and failback.

Not only that, but business also need to determine if the offsite data center that the provider offers is physically and digitally secure, and that they have the certifications to prove it. The providers should also be in compliance with regulations like HIPAA to ensure the security for business.

Those are tips that business need to look for in choosing Disaster Recovery. If you need a further information about how to choose the exact Disaster Recovery solution for your business, you can join us on “Zettagrid e-Techday: Choosing The Best Disaster Recovery Solution For Your Business” on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

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