4 Benefits of AI in Cloud Computing

AI in cloud

4 Benefits of AI in Cloud Computing

 In this modern era, digital technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the solutions to boost the development of various industries. With its capability to automate business or even its operations, AI is believed to be the technology that increases company productivity. Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore to see the market of AI in the oil and gas industry predicted to reach US 3,81 Billion Dollars, with a CAGR of 10,96% for 2020-2025.

However, developing AI systems requires large data sets. If the organization only relies on the local premise, AI deployment will result in a big investment and inefficiency considering the On-Premise will need maintenance. That’s why before AI development is going further, organizations need to look for an efficient solution. One of them is by implementing Cloud Computing.

The combination of AI and Cloud Computing results in an extensive network capable of holding massive volumes of data, while continuously learning and improving. Hence, both assist in the automation of routine activities within IT infrastructure and result in IT efficiency.

Not only that but developing AI in Cloud Computing also has benefits for the organization. All of them can be seen below here:

1. Automate the workflow

AI in cloud

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Running IT resources and business operations at the same time can be overwhelming for some organizations. Even if it’s also implemented AI, a business can find it difficult to manage its workflow and IT efficiency. But no worries, as long as Cloud Computing can be used for AI, the organization can pass the challenge and achieve maximum productivity.

AI can automate complex and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and perform data analysis without any human intervention. So, when the organization develops AI in Cloud Computing, the IT team can focus on strategic operations while AI performs regular tasks. Hence, the organization can be more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven.

2. Maintain organizations data management

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Besides increasing efficiency and flexibility, developing AI in Cloud Computing would also play a significant role in processing, managing, and structuring data.

By using cloud for AI, organization can boost marketing, customer care, and supply chain data management with more reliable real-time data. AI tools streamline how data is ingested, modified, and managed. For example, organization can deploy AI tools into Zettagrid Indonesia cloud to get real-time personalization, detect cyber threats, and maintenance scenarios.

3. Deeper Insights

AI in cloud

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Developing AI in Cloud Computing can identify patterns and trends in vast data sets. It uses historical data and compares it to the most recent data, which provides IT teams with well-informed, data-backed intelligence.

On top of that, using cloud computing for AI tools can also perform data analysis fast so organizations can rapidly and efficiently address customer queries and issues. The observations and valuable advice gained from AI capabilities result in quicker and more accurate results. Therefore, the cloud is efficient for business continuity.

4. Lowering costs

AI in cloud

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A big advantage of Cloud Computing is that it eliminates costs related to on-site data centers, such as hardware and maintenance. Those upfront costs can be prohibitive with AI projects, but in the cloud enterprises can instantly access these tools for a monthly fee making research and development-related costs more manageable. Additionally, AI in cloud can gain insights from the data and analyze it without human intervention. That’s why, it is more efficient not only in cost but also in human resources.

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