3 Reasons Why Your Data Center Location Matter

Data center location

3 Reasons why Data Center Location Matter

Data center is a physical or virtual infrastructure that used by enterprises to house their computer, server and networking systems and components for the company IT needs which involve storing, processing, and serving large amount of company critical data.

There are several things you should pay attention when you want to decide which data center you will host and store your critical data. These are including server specification and one of the important things is the data center location.

Here are 3 reasons why Data Center Location Matter.

  1. Data Center can affect your website’s speed and latency.

If your server is far away from its users, information and data will have to travel more distances. For example, when someone visits a page on your website, their computer needs to communicate with your server to access your files, photos, and other information. After that, those data will be transferred or downloaded from the server to their computer.

Unfortunately, when a data center is located far away from the user initiating the request, the process of obtaining files and data can be lengthy. Pages may take a while to load, and latency issues might arise. This problem might impact to your website visitors because they will get frustrated every time they visit your web.

  1. Secured data protection

If you place your data in local data center, you could know how secured they are. How the data center equipment and procedure when their clients want to visit the data center itself. They also equipped with excellent system that to keep your data safe.

  1. Easier to monitor

One of the most important reason to put your data on a local cloud provider is easier to monitor. Since data center became your business IT core, it is better for you if you can easily access your data center. Having long travel just to monitor your data center will wasting your time and cut your cost efficiency. Another benefits to put your data in the local cloud provider is they mostly have local experts to help you 24/7, so you can easily communicate with them.


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