The Benefits Of Cloud In Healthcare Industry

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The Benefits Of Cloud In Healthcare Industry

A recent report published by Acumen Research and Consulting stated that cloud computing is becoming mainstream in healthcare industry with spending expected to grow above 14% annually. While data privacy may have kept many organizations from moving apps and data to the cloud, many hospitals in Indonesia are embracing the cloud since it has several benefits to improve their workflow. So, what are the key benefits that cloud services has to offer them?

Streamlined Collaboration.

In many cases specific information may be needed in more than one place, simultaneously, by different healthcare professionals. Cloud technologies enables the information to be synchronized and shared in real time. Furthermore, cloud services have a lot of collaboration tools to offer, allowing doctors to save valuable time.


Cloud-based tools can upgrade and improve their features faster, less expensively and with minimal or no service interruption. Plus, cloud services enable faster access to important information for healthcare professionals and their patients.


Each mobile app is backed up by a cloud infrastructure. By storing data and computing power in the cloud, healthcare service providers enable their staff to have access to information anywhere and anytime.

Saving On Data Storage

Big data has become an overwhelming challenge for many health organizations, and the cloud allows providers to save money by minimizing in-house storage needs.

The information also becomes more accessible from various locations, and even if something happens on-site, the data is still preserved.

Reducing costs

There is no need for the health care institution and doctors to invest in hardware infrastructure and maintenance because these concerns are already taken care of by the cloud computing providers.

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