Promo HUT DKI Jakarta: Nikmati Zabbix selama 3 Bulan GRATIS!

Memperingati momen spesial Ulang Tahun DKI Jakarta yang ke-495, Zettagrid Indonesia menghadirkan promo menarik bagi Anda pengguna baru maupun existing kami. Anda berkesempatan untuk mencoba Zabbix selama 3 bulan tanpa biaya apapun!

Zabbix adalah sebuah tools yang memungkinkan Anda untuk memonitor infrastruktur IT Anda, seperti jaringan, server, virtual machine, dan layanan cloud serta menampilkannya dalam dashboard grafis yang mudah dimengerti.

Tunggu apalagi, segera dapatkan kesempatan untuk mencoba solusi Zabbix dari kami. Anda dapat menghubungi kami via email ke untuk mengetahui informasi lebih lanjut terkait promo ini.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Data Center?

Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a collection of cloud resources that replace the need for your business to own and operate your own data centre. Rather than relying on physical servers to protect your applications, you now have virtual servers, providing you with the flexibility to scale up as your business needs expand.

Businesses of all sizes, especially small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs), struggle with knowing how to manage their applications properly. Servers require climate controlled environments to function properly and often need IT professionals to manage their interface with the rest of the company assets. With our Virtual Data Centers (VDC), you can build and manage hundreds of virtual servers in a secure private, public or hybrid cloud environment from our easy to use platform.

How Can VDC Benefit Your Business?

  1. Local Data & Support: Our geo-diverse architecture and fully independent zones in Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth allow you to store and secure your data in Indonesia or Australia. The Zettagrid team can be found across Regional, helping your business to expand and grow with VDC, where just a phone-call away.
  2. Easy Management: We’ve built a simple portal that you’ll have up and running in minutes. If you need more advanced features you can access VMware® vCloud Director. VDC simplifies cloud computing infrastructure, making it easy for your business to store and secure data,
  3. Simple Billing: Unlike other providers, we don’t charge for IOPs, Reads/Writes, PUTs, GETs and all the other nasty hidden fees you may experience with others. We deliver one fixed monthly charge for your cloud, with no contract agreements, so you know you can cancel services when necessary, or if they are not working for your business.
  4. Fully Customised Sizing: When you purchase your own equipment, it can be easy to get too much or not enough computing power and storage space. With some VDCs, you end up paying for a standard amount of storage, even if it is more than what you need. With Zettagrid, you get fully customised storage space, so you only pay for the resources you are going to use.

We want to simplify your complex IT world, that’s why we’ve built an efficient management environment on VMware’s vCloud, enabling you to tailor a solution that is secure and scalable to almost any size. You have more control because your virtual servers are kept in a container.

Find out more about Zettagrid’s Virtual Data Center (VDC).

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