3 Technology Trends That Will Drive 2021

technology trends 20213 Technology Trends That Will Drive 2021


As pandemic spread in 2020, it has brought us to the uncertain situation and unpredictable years. Although it happened, most of you definitely will remember it as the year where the connection with family, friends, and even works is crucial to be maintained.

Fortunately, technology is here to make us stay connected with others in this pandemic. With technology, people, and even business is easier to enabling collaboration with each other. But, what kind of technology that made us going as we migrated to working at home? And how technology will go in 2021?

In this article, we’ve compiled predictions from The Drum about three technology trends that will drive 2021. Read them below for further:

1. Blockchain

It’s taken a long time for blockchain to shift center stage, but as people increasingly trust algorithms, which it’s based, it’s time has come. Decentralized finance will continue to grow over the next few years because of the increased demand for online financial products, but it will need to continually address the balance between decentralization, security, and scalability.

2. Customer Learning Experience

Attracting and educating customers on the benefits of specific products and features has required a digital-first approach, with e-commerce solutions integrating video, webchat, and even augmented reality. For complex products that require training, including consumer electronics, automotive, and software, companies are investing in Learning Management Systems (LMS).

These LMS solutions allow businesses to create custom-branded courseware, training programs, documentation, and video guides to deliver complete digital learning experiences. And with big data and analytics, companies can implement in-depth tracking of customers on their learning journeys to rapidly gain insights and improve their offerings.

 3. Cloud based-tech

With the rise in e-commerce, The Drum is seeing cloud-based platforms pushed and their full potential through 2021 and beyond. Cloud-native technology will continue to power digital transformation: by the end of 2021, 60% of companies will leverage containers on public cloud platforms and 25% of developers will leverage serverless, according to predictions from ForresterNow Predictions 2021: Cloud Computing report.

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