4 Technology Trends You Need To Know in 2020

Technology Trends 2020

4 Technology Trends You Need To Know in 2020

Technology will always be growing faster every year. It is true that technology played one of the most crucial roles on a business or industry. That’s why enterprises should be aware of the technology improvement.

According to the research, here are 4 Technology Trends You Need To Know in 2020;

  1. Analytics

According to Forbes, companies that still aren’t investing heavily in analytics by 2020 probably won’t be in business in 2021. There is simply far too much valuable customer data to be collected, processed and turned into insights for any company to remain competitive without making full use of modern analytics tools. Flying blind and following your gut are no longer viable options when every other business is leveraging sophisticated analytics tools to identify problems, opportunities, and solutions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you are going to invest in analytics, you also need to invest in AI and machine learning to be able to navigate the vast, churning seas of information and data you aim to put to good use. The value of AI and machine learning to data analytics can be distilled into three separate value propositions: speed, scale, and convenience. Speed and scale speak to the advantage of automating the analysis of massive data sets as opposed to assigning human data analysts to the task.

  1. Internet of Things

It is believed that Internet of Things (IoT) will give impact to work performance on a business activities. It is also used for digital transformation. On industry 4.0, Intelligent Transportation System and Smart City are the examples of industry that used IoT as their enabler. The trend is already impactful to modern business and predicted to extend in the future.

  1. Cloud Computing

With its abilities to scale, flexible, and efficient, cloud computing became popular on the past year and predicted to grow in 2020 especially for Infrastructure as a Service cloud. According to Gartner forecast, IaaS secures highest growth in 2020 due to datacenter consolidation.

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