5 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Happen in 2021

Cloud Computing 20215 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Happen in 2021


The increasing number of data has brought the cloud to be the potential storage for its management. Cisco predicts that by 2021, cloud data centers will process as much as 94% of all workloads. With this percentage, Cloud Computing Industry like Cloud Service Providers had to increase their level of innovation to help businesses handle data management. Therefore, the solution is needed to prepare for any changes in Cloud Computing models. 

In this article, we compiled five Cloud Computing trends to help enterprises in facing cloud opportunities and challenges in 2021. Let’s take a look at these ones to make your cloud strategy to be more successful:

1. Moving Cloud Towards the Edge

As a new decade begins, many technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even Machine Learning (ML) now appear to become solutions for some industries. Forresters said those components will need Cloud Computing for the integration. However, the integration would not be enough if other relevant factors like its deployments only on the cloud, therefore solutions like Edge, is needed to help its deployments.

The ‘Edge’ refers to a computing model that optimizes web applications and internet devices by reducing the data source distance. Some of the advantages of Edge Computing include easy deployment for services in the case of developers, and the ability of the cloud to solve the gap existing between the cloud and end-users. However, this integration may create a problem when it comes to providing high levels of data security.

2. AI Will Revolutionize Cloud Computing

As Cloud Computing rises in 2021, technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be an integral solution in driving the cloud towards its full potential. Let’s imagine what cloud that is integrated with AI, could do to anticipated inventions such as smart cities, self-driving cars, automated health-checks, among other inventions. 

Through Cloud Computing services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS), the IT department working with low budgets will be able to utilize the full power of AI. Not only that, but Machine Learning (ML) also will play a critical role to keep data centers running efficiently.

3. Multi-cloud will continue to grow

In 2020, multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud was a popular solution for enterprises in running their business needs. Yet, who might expect that this Cloud Computing trend still continues to grow in 2021? Due to the difference in services offered by cloud service providers, many organizations in 2021 still considering Multi-cloud as a solution. Gartner says, 80% of customers will be adopting Multi-cloud into their cloud strategy.

4. The rise of the cloud-native

As it is mentioned before, Multi-cloud will be rising in 2021. To activate the experience to be brought about by this change, cloud-native technologies can be a solution for the equation. Here are some components that make up the cloud-native technology stack:

  • Containerization

With projected revenue growth of 24 million by 2024, container management repositories contained the most power when it comes to cloud-native capabilities. This can be said as the cloud-native can perform tasks such as workload transportation across multiple channels (on-premise, the cloud, and on the edge).

  • Serverless computing

As the 5 best fastest growing Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services in 2020, serverless computing enables the IT department to deploys applications across different clouds.

  • Orchestration platform

These platforms have a function to reduce the complexity of container management across different cloud service providers.

5. The needs for Data Security, Private, and Regulations will be increased

Although 2021 will be potential for a whole new level of innovation, this era also will be at risk of data security. According to LogicMonitor, IDC, 33.3% of organizations are struggling with cloud adoption because of data security. There are many questions about how the integration of new technologies such as 5G, serverless computing, edge computing, and many others will affect cloud security. Therefore, in 2021, Cloud Service Providers will be expected to come up with solutions that will ensure data security.

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