What To Look Out For While Using Cloud Service Provider?

cloud service providerWhat To Look Out For While Using Cloud Service Provider?

 In this digital era, Cloud Computing is arguably going to remain the staple of leading companies. stated cloud spending grew by 37% in the first quarter of 2020 itself. That’s why cloud has become one of the infrastructures that can digitized companies these days. With agility and cost optimization, enterprises are increasingly moving to Cloud Service Providers.

However, as more organizations move from their on-site data centers to cloud data management, business leaders and IT departments need a structured procedure for evaluating Cloud Services Providers. This step is certainly mandatory to determine if such a move is feasible for their organization. Then, what are the points that need to look out by enterprise from Cloud Service Provider?

The Latest Security Standard

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The number one concern in migrating to cloud environment is security. Meeting the latest security standards would be a terrifying task for companies. Especially as they are constantly evolving. For this reason, it’s essential that the Cloud Service Provider have a reputable and expansive knowledge of the latest security standards. 

Therefore, it’s critical to ask detailed and explicit questions that relate to a business’s unique use cases, industry, regulatory requirements, and any other concerns it may have. So, the business can ensure that the Cloud Service Provider has provisions in place for regulatory updating its security standard.

Keeping Customer Data Safe 

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No matter what industry is, the importance of security in regular data breaches is a threat to every enterprise. According to Ponemon Institute, the average cost of data breaches to a company has risen 15 percent over the last year and cost $3.5 million dollars globally. Even, the average cost paid for each stolen or lost record has increased more than nine percent from $136 to $145 million.

That’s why, when evaluate Cloud Service Provider, business needs to know if the provider has a proven and safe track record in keeping customer data safe.

Governmental Compliance (HIPAA/PCI)

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The need to trust one’s cloud provider to meet stringent security requirements is an integral part of today’s IT business plan. Therefore, security compliance is needed by business from a Cloud Service Provider.

When it comes to Cloud Service Provider, make sure its platform can help you to meet compliance standards that apply to your industry and organizations. Whether it is beholden to SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or any other frameworks. Not only that, but business also have to make sure what it will take to achieve compliance once business applications and data are living in a public cloud infrastructure.


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Every cloud service provider supports different tools and integrates with various other services. If your business has services that are particularly vital to organizations, make sure that the provider offers an easy way to integrate with them, or that the organization is comfortable porting over to a similar service that is supported.

Not only that, but it is also important for business to determine how much time and effort it will take the team to manage various aspects of the cloud infrastructure before making final decisions, so the cloud operations will support your business well.

Service Levels Agreements

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Service Level Agreements are essential considerations when business have strict requirements in terms of availability, response time, capacity, support, and even evaluating a cloud service provider. It’s vital to establish a clear contractual relationship between a cloud service customer and a cloud service provider.

Additionally, business also needs to pay attention to legal requirements for the security of data hosted in the cloud service. This required to make sure if the cloud could manage business system and data well.

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