Why Business Needs Modern Data Protection?

modern data protection

Why Business Needs Modern Data Protection?

The sudden transformation to remote work of the customer experience in 2020 created a growing volume and type of data for organizations. By this case, many business then turned to the cloud to scale up data capacity and agility. Although the cloud had helped enterprises to manage their data flexibly, backup solutions were often not upgraded in parallel by business.

Despite its critical importance, data backup has been one area where business often underestimates it. This tactic can backfire, leaving organizations vulnerable to failures, cybersecurity breaches, also rising data storage and maintenance cost. Therefore, today’s modern data protection like backup strategy is needed to prevent business from the risk of data loss.

Then, what can modern data protection deliver to business?

1. Modern data protection Provide Better Security

modern data protection

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Data storage costs are spiraling upwards as well, whether on-premises or related to unplanned cloud capacity growth. While the amount of data generated in 2020 was exceptional, the expansion of data generation has been ongoing for years and is not likely to abate. Systems may not have been built to withstand rapid increases in data or to handle information on the cloud, in muti- or hybrid-cloud, and across different platforms and even formats. Therefore, modern data protection needs to be built by enterprise.

Within the realm of data protection, advanced solutions provide better security, value, and the ability to grow and evolve with an organization. In more sophisticated scenarios, modern backup solutions can even help organizations reach into and leverage stored data to augment the growing tools that require vast amounts of information.

2. Modern data protection takes resiliency to the next level

modern data protection

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While all data needs to be secure, some needs to be more secure: market performance trends used by an investment firm, for example, may not have the same security demands as a client’s account information. Data is also accessed at different times and frequencies. Therefore, modern data protection like Backup or Disaster Recovery is needed to help ensure that the right protection and access are optimally executed from the start.

Modern data protection can also learn how security needs evolve over time, based on changes in, such as usage, policies, or regulation. Imagine the benefits that such a system would have brought to an organization implementing GDPR compliance or ensuring secure, effective data integration as part of an acquisition.

Not only that but modern data protection can also track, identify, record, and analyze issues to suggest event resolution strategies. When combined with real-time monitoring, it can accelerate response time and reduces outages and related downtime. 

3. Automate IT environment for update and patch testing

modern data protection

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Business should think beyond their data stores as simply a place to run to if and when disaster strikes. Rather than a cellar that contains copies of missing or corrupt information, comprehensive backup stores can be the ingredients of an entirely separate “test kitchen” for DevOps and DevTest teams.

Data backup can automate the environment requirement for update and patch testing and troubleshooting. It can deliver a protected production space where new apps can be run in a sandbox-type scenario. Not only that, but this modern data protection can also be a near-real-time resource for advanced analytics, reducing the need for multiple-data replication across the company. 

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