Assisting Organisations In Achieving Digital Transformation In 2020

Digital transformation

Assisting organisations in achieving digital transformation in 2020

Despite the overall market conditions and the impact of a highly disrupted 2020, spending on edge computing, as a solution that will help organisations to solve many of the operational challenges that they are currently facing, is tipped to explode. GlobalData research anticipates a 22.7 per cent CAGR on global sales of edge computing infrastructure and services through to 2024.

As noted in the previous article, Capitalising on the latest trends in cloud and edge computing, the ability for edge computing to reduce bandwidth bottlenecks and minimise latency to maximise efficiency and undertake real-time data and decision processing is a stepping stone towards advanced analytics and AI applications. That makes edge computing a key cornerstone in transformation projects.

As noted in a recent KPMG report, history has shown that companies that take a strategic future-focused investment approach during times of unrest were better placed when the global economy rebounded.

“IT leaders should continue transforming their operating models and investing in key enablers, like integrated cloud platforms, agile ways of working, intelligent automation, AI, blockchain, and advanced data and analytics.”

Zettagrid, in partnership with VMware, is enabling channel partners across Australia and Indonesia to deliver edge computing and transformation without having to construct and maintain their own infrastructure. This allows the partner to work on delivering the competitive differentiation and future readiness of transformation to their customers, without incurring the massive upfront costs and logistical challenges of building infrastructure.

VMware Cloud Director and its value to the channel

Core to the success of any edge computing application is the idea of fluidity – that local resources and compute power can seamlessly and instantly interact with cloud resources, regardless of location or the types of technology being used. VMware Cloud Director is a direct response to that technology need. It provides users with access to virtual datacentres, powered by a cloud network constructed of almost 1,000 providers. This solution delivers all the expected cloud capabilities – containers, security data protection, cloud migration and operations visibility – through a fluid, hybrid cloud fabric that seamlessly integrates between all on-premises infrastructure within the customer’s organisation, as well as the cloud.

New features to the most recent iteration of VMware Cloud Director – 10.1 – include:

  • App Launchpad, which allows organisations to access Bitnami secured and tested applications via a simple to consume interface.
  • Encryption and data security. Across a suite of security tools and processes, VMware Cloud Director provides protection not only for data at rest, but also data “in flight,” as it actively encrypts data as it is being processed, which is essential when data is being constantly moved between the edge and the cloud.

For the channel, this solution will form the bedrock of a transformation and edge computing project. The multi-tenancy approach means that the pool of resources can host and serve many customers, each in complete (and therefore secure) isolation.  It’s also rapidly scalable and API-driven, meaning that the environment and usage can be tailored to the individual organisation’s needs.

Most importantly, it allows for seamless migration and the replication of on-premise infrastructure, allowing organisations to shift from traditional on-premises environments to a cloud hybrid environment effortlessly.

Addressing the challenges in transformation

What has complicated transformation projects for many channel organisations is the need to source the infrastructure necessary to deliver solutions. Needing to design and deliver datacentre solutions is a process that has excluded many channel partners from assisting their customers with their transformation exercises.

Additionally, in the current market, enterprises are risk adverse and budget constrained – they’re looking to their channel partners to provide the innovation and workstyles of a transformed business, but to also do so at predictable and reliable prices.

Partnering with Zettagrid gives channel organisations of all sizes and scales access to VMware Cloud Director and its expansive cloud infrastructure. Additionally, partners can access:

  • Local infrastructure and support, with Zettagrid covering the entire market.
  • A shift to automated billing and provisioning. While the channel partner exclusively maintains the relationship with the partner, Zettagrid’s billing system removes the administrative headache from their operations.
  • No need to maintain the environment. Zettagrid’s infrastructure provides class-leading reliability and uptime, but is maintained entirely by the Zettagrid engineers, saving the channel partner the need to resource datacentre management, upgrades, and maintenance.

The partner’s role through this disrupted and challenging time is in helping their customers to prepare for the other side and a “new normal”. This makes technology innovation and transformation a key priority. Those partners that are able to offer their customers this without taking on the risk of infrastructure investment themselves will be well placed to deliver successful projects in the current climate.

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