5 Common Causes of Data Loss in Office 365

data loss in office 365

5 Common Causes of Data Loss in Office 365


Nowadays, we could see that lot of companies start moving its IT workload to the cloud. Beside the trusted security system, cloud is more user friendly and easy to set up. Furthermore, it allows workforce to move faster, collaborate across business, and reduce operational costs for the company.

One of the most popular cloud categories that usually use for business is Software as a Service (SaaS), for example Office 365 by Microsoft.  Office 365 offers various features, from e-mail, cloud apps, until file sharing. Even though people think that it is secure enough, do you know that companies could also lost their data on Office 365?

data loss in office 365

This data loss caused by several common reason such as; Human error, Virus or malware, Software Corruption, Overwritten Data, and Hacker attack. Read on the 5 common causes of Data Loss in Office 365:

Human error

Human error that mostly happened is accidental deletion within Office 365. It is almost happened to users unintentionally deleted important e-mails, documents, or any other critical data in Office 365.

A common reason why users inadvertently deletes their data is because they think it is no longer needed. But after sometimes they will need in again suddenly for some reasons.

Or also they forget click the wrong button and could not get the data back before they realized it.

Virus or malware

Veeam stated that Malware and viruses have done serious damage to organizations globally in just the past year alone unexceptionally for Office 365. Even Office 365 has protection against malware, but it does not guarantee that they could detect every infection.

Software corruption

Software Corruption is one of the big cause of data loss. For example, if users want to Install or update the Office 365 and then the system suddenly have problem, and the data lost the second after.

Overwritten data

Office 365 does remind its users when their workload is almost full. But it is not enough protection against the risk of overwritten data. Users could lost their oldest e-mail, data, documents, or any critical data if their data space is not enough anymore.

External attack

It is true that technology growth is faster than we think and bring a lot positive changes in our life. In other hand, it is also bring negativity, one of them is hacker. It is possible for Office 365 to get attacked by hacker. For example, if there is a phishing e-mail and then the user click it and hacker could remove the data easily after.

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