The Benefits Of Virtual Datacenter

Benefits of Virtual Datacenter

The Benefits Of Virtual Datacenter

During this pandemic, cloud computing became a solution for enterprise in various industries. Besides efficient IT costs and capacity, the cloud also improves business operations even though it is run remotely. This happened without no reason of course, but cloud computing has an IT infrastructure that can support user success. One of them that is quite crucial in cloud infrastructure is a Virtual Datacenter (VDC).

A Virtual Data Center is a collection of cloud infrastructure resources that are used to store data and information securely. These resources can be contained in computation, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Beside that, this system also can support the infrastructure to be more complex with functions, operating systems, and virtual machine (VM) specifications as needed.

According to, Virtual Datacenter is hosted on a public cloud and is based on VMware vCloud technology which provides full compatibility with any VMware environment. This solution is builts on open standards with OVF packaging for transport workload and interoperability with additional support for VMware vCloud API. Therefore, Virtual Datacenter resources can be made available for applications, business units, and projects as needed without having to worry about physical capacity.

Not only that, a Virtual Data Center also offers public and private catalogs of Virtual Machine (VM) templates. So, users can build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running in the user’s internal environment. Users can also enable to build virtual applications (vApps) on Virtual Datacenter. So, if you have an application that requires more than one VM also custom security and startup parameters, you could use vApps.

In Zettagrid Indonesia, Virtual Datacenter not only will enable you to control your own virtual server. But, it also will bring you some benefits. Let’s see the Benefits of Virtual Datacenter 

  1. Replicating Data For Backup System

Losing all critical data in VM can be scary. But, if you decide to use Virtual Datacenter from Zettagrid, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because it will keep your VM safe by providing a secure cloud backup with a customizable schedule. By replicating your data from a Virtual Datacenter, it will allow you to roll back to the previous VM version.

  1. Intelligent Management

You can set various network settings (local network, NAT, Firewall, Load Balancer, VPN/Metro Ethernet and others). Beside that, you can collaborate your virtual machines into clusters (vApp) according to the purpose or function of your business applications (web servers, databases).

  1. IT Cost-Efficient

When you have more control over the cloud you use, you only have to pay for what you actually need. So, you can decide what scale you want to set up according to your organization’s demands for growth, without investing more on CapEx for hardware. That’s why it is affordable to use for enterprise in improving business continuity.

See for further information about our Virtual Datacenter here. And if you want to feel the benefits of  Virtual Datacenter you could contact us at, we will be ready 24×7 to simplify your cloud experience.