3 Things to Consider in Keeping Your IT Resilient During Shopping Season

IT Resilient During the Shopping Season

3 Things to Consider in Keeping Your IT Resilient During Shopping Season

2020 is upon us and thus it’s the year-end sale season again. This is the prime time for people to checking off their shopping lists. For those seeking for deals and discounts, this is the time. For one, the National Online Shopping Day (HARBOLNAS) in Indonesia will be held on 12 December. But whether your business is online or offline, this the period where IT department are on high alert and preparing for a “Frenzy” time.

From promotional content, marketing emails, or any other materials that will increase traffic on your websites and stores, those will just open more risk of vulnerability and attack surface for data and IT systems. Any weaknesses that are small enough on any time of the year, will be amplified and surfaced. On this shopping season, make sure that your business has the resilience to face the high traffic without a scratch. Here are 3 things that you should prepare to keep up your business with the year-end sale season traffic:

  • Prepare your IT infrastructure

Be ready to scale up for the increase in traffic. It’s not that easy to add more hardware at will. But with the advent of cloud (Infrastructure as a Service), you can get a cost-effective way to ensure your applications are ready to meet demands by increasing resources based on need and load-balancing across multiple servers. Once you have the right infrastructure in place, make sure to stress test it thoroughly and regularly so you’re confident it can handle even the craziest of shopping days.

  • Prepare your team for the IT storm

On this period, make sure your IT team and IT vendor partners are equipped and know what to do in different disaster scenarios, even when small issues arise and just managing the inflow. It is more important than ever for optimal customer service. Give them the plans and tools to deal with potential issues with grace and poise long before they are thrown into the fray. Make sure that your internet provider, your cloud partner, and your IT staff are ready as well. In the event of disaster, making sure everyone prepares for what could happen is paramount.

  • Keep your systems online and resilient

With sales at their peak, the cost of downtime is also at its highest around HARBOLNAS. Assuring that your process-critical data and applications can be recovered as fast as possible, with minimal data gaps, is so important right now. By using DRaaS solution from Zettagrid Indonesia, you can recover your systems within minutes even seconds if a disaster or outage strikes. Issues will arise when your entire business is pushed to its limit—make sure that it has the resilience to bounce back from even the worst-case scenario.

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