Cloud Computing-based Application for Startup Operations

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Cloud Computing-based Application for Startup Operations

Cloud Computing-based Application for Startup Operations

Developing a startup, technology is needed to support its various operational systems. However, as a growing company, startups need to choose a technology that is effective but still budget-friendly. One interesting option is cloud computing-based technology, an internet-based data processing system.

As a startup that is often engaged in technology, and they don’t have to focus only on maintaining internet sites, but also on mobile applications. The expansion of startups to mobile applications can shorten and simplify the relationship between companies and customers. Therefore, they need the best components that can facilitate the company’s operational system, such as cloud computing-based application.

Then, why is cloud computing is an efficient component for startups? Through CoLearn Online — a webinar from CoHive entitled “Getting Started to Build Your Apps with Cloud”. In this webinar, also invited Aditya Irawan as Zettagrid Indonesia Cloud Architect, Jefriansyah Hertikawan Co-Founder, and Ceria Mentari, Partnership Associate CoHive as moderator.

Cloud computing-based application is a software program where cloud computing and existing components work side by side. Meanwhile, cloud computing is a computational data processing process that includes CPU, RAM, Network Speeds, software, OS, and storage via the internet network. With cloud computing, companies no longer need high-performance IT support to protect the company’s valuable data. Then, what are the benefits of using cloud computing-based applications for startups?

An effective operating system
According to Aditya, cloud computing components have a very good performance, supported by an adjustable storage size and network speed. Without using the cloud, you will need a lot of separate servers to operate the system. On the other hand, the cloud allows these servers to be consolidated in the same database and makes the system works in a simpler way. In terms of infrastructure, cloud computing doesn’t equip with hardware, thus making it free from hardware refreshment and is more cost-friendly. Also, cloud computing is very flexible as it is accessible remotely.

Let the company focus on anything else besides the system
As a startup business, startups have several phases of business development, one of them is the launch phase. In this phase, startups need to focus their business on the marketing and promotion process. However, as this phase requires high funds, many startups experience losses during the launch period. With cloud computing, startups can save for a rainy day for additional operating costs. Meaning more funds for product development and promotion.

According to Jefriansyah, the main goal of startups during the early phase is to achieve the market fit—a situation when the company managed to introduce its products to the public and bring the added-value to their customers. By using cloud computing-based application, companies can focus on the business and the IT infrastructure as well.

Enable startups to compete better
Cloud computing technology enables startups to compete better. The services offered by cloud computing allows its users to be free from taking care of its maintenance, security, and administration of all their IT solutions. So, companies can focus more on developing their products. However, if the company chooses to use the services of on-premise solutions, the whole process of rejuvenating the equipment is on the company. On-premise solutions itself is a custom-made technology infrastructure by a company for its own use. This means that it requires a higher budget and bigger challenges for the companies.

This insightful webinar regarding the technology side of a startup then invited many questions from the participants. One of them is how to make an application with an economical budget for a new company? On this question, Jefriansyah explains that there is one thing that startups need to pay attention to before making an app, and that is the framework. The framework will determine the capacity plan for the system and how it operates. Hence, startups need to research more before deciding which one is the most suitable for them. Also, Aditya added that to balance the books, the company can adjust the cloud computing service in accordance with their budget.

The advantages of the cloud-computing based application are a very attractive choice for startups. Especially with the benefits that support startups to be able to focus on product development and target achievement. The advantages of cloud computing are unprecedented. Besides being able to reduce operating costs, it can also work very efficiently and help users work more effectively. That is why, using cloud computing-based application can be the right choice for a growing company, such as a startup.

Source: CoHive