Cloud Managed Services Advantages to Your Business

cloud managed servicesCloud Managed Services Advantages to Your Business


As data and information have an impact on your business development, storage is needed to store all those enterprise-critical assets. Cloud can be a solution to solve that need. With the compatibility and automation that it gave, the cloud can store critical data safe and efficiently.

However, deciding to choose cloud without comprehensive management, will make business susceptible to security threats, data loss, and even costly downtime. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, a cloud expert is needed to help businesses achieve the maximum cloud management. That’s why, the cloud managed services provider can be a solution for enterprise data management, considering they had extensive cloud knowledge to support your environment, fill in management gaps, and provide cloud compliance services.

What is cloud-managed service?

According to, cloud-managed services refer to outsourcing daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate business operations. 

So, if the business’s internal IT departments don’t possess the skills to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment, the cloud managed services provider will help the enterprise to manage cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, and more. Not only that, but the managed services can also handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery, and more. Therefore, enterprises shouldn’t be worried more if IT issues come up.

Outsourcing IT management to the cloud can also bring some advantages for enterprises. Curious to see what are them? Read them below here:

1. Predictable and cost savings

Hiring a full-time IT department to handle storage management would be expensive and often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB). That’s why outsourcing cloud-managed services is here to help businesses reduce costly network maintenance costs.

By using a managed service provider like Zettagrid Indonesia, businesses can save thousands each year in the cost of an in-house IT department. Not only that, with the flexibility of cloud-managed service, the enterprise also can decide how much they’re willing to pay for IT service and still have a consistent monthly bill.   

2. Custom and integrated services

Did you know? Cloud-managed services are flexible. It can be said as some providers offer pay-per-service or payment plans. That’s why it enables the enterprises to focus on investment in other business growth.

Not only that, but cloud-managed services also offer a converged solution, which produces, even more, cost savings. These converged solutions may include security protection, network monitoring, or even the setup of a new service area. So, business will have integrated services from the vendor.

3. Centralized network services and applications

By adopting a managed cloud network, the provider will manage all applications and servers in Data Center. So, if the network availability is increased, the network users can access centralized data within the same network including virtual services, storage, and backup. Therefore, this service will force employees to maintain their productivity while working remotely.

4. Coverage on all service levels

Cloud service providers offer better control over service levels, performance, and maintenance. With a comprehensive service-level agreement, your business will gain service continuity. Not only that, the longer you work with a cloud managed services like at Zettagrid Indonesia, the more familiar we become with your network, leading to faster issue response times.

5. Prepared to manage the latest technology

Migrating to a cloud environment might be the first step to develop your business. But for next, you might need to reduce or even increase its scalability to expand your business. By hiring an in-house IT staff, your IT department will have to spend more money and time for training when a cloud, new technology, or required upgrade gets released.

But if the company decides to use a cloud managed services provider, it will be easier for the company to develop its technology and service, considering cloud technicians are already prepared to manage those.

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