Run a Warehouse Like A Pro With Cloud-based WMS

WMS Warehouse Management System

Run a Warehouse Like A Pro With Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System

Cloud technology has already integrated to all aspect in our life, from personal to business. In our daily life, we have cloud backup on our mobile phone to keep our photos, contact details, and many more. So, how can cloud help you run your business more efficiently? Well, if your business happens to rely on warehouses, there’s a cloud solution for that.

Nowadays, we often hear about Warehouse Management System (WMS). WMS is a software that helps you run and manage your day to day warehouse operation. Companies with warehouse can utilize WMS to prevent them from facing warehousing issues such as; misplaced or missing items, wrong delivery, inefficient process, etc.

WMS Warehouse Management System

Zettagrid Indonesia, in partnership with PT. Mimotek Indonesia, proudly present Largo App. Largo covers almost everything in your warehouse operation starting from inbound process, put away, picking, all the way to outbound processes. Largo uses Barcode/RFID Technology in most of the transactions to make it easier, faster, and error-proof. ‘Scan and Go’ we call it and it will make your warehouse operation a lot faster, less administrative works, and a lot less human error.

A company can implement WMS in two different ways: on premises system and cloud based system.  Hosted your WMS on cloud-based system gives you some advantages. Here are 3 benefits hosted your WMS on cloud-based system.

  1. Cost Effective

You don’t need to invest in hardware infrastructure and maintenance. Zettagrid as the cloud provider partner for Largo will handle them for you.

  1. Faster Onboarding process

With its flexible ability, cloud-based WMS are easier to configure and faster to set up. These systems offer standardized fulfilment business models and processes. You can start your on-boarding systems in days compared to weeks or months to implement and start when using on premises system.

  1. Scalable

If you implement your WMS in cloud-based system, you can scale your inventory management. You can expand your use of the system as your warehouse operations grow. In Zettagrid you can easily scale up and down your WMS as your business need.

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