4 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Crucial on Industry 4.0

Cloud on 4.0 Industry


Industry 4.0, also known as the intelligent industry, considered to be the fourth industrial revolution. Right now, we’re provided by digital technology that growing rapidly in every aspect of our lives. Technology such as Virtual Reality, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain is changing how we work and how we live. With these technologies, you can easily order a taxi, your lunch, and pampering yourself all within a single platform.

The fundamental enabler behind those technology is called Cloud Computing, which has a crucial role in lots of technical innovation. Here are 4 reasons why cloud computing is crucial in this era:


  1. Cloud Computing is flexible and safe

Cloud computing helps business in all industries to keep pace with current speedily advancing technology. With artificial intelligence and automation being integrated more frequently into industry, cloud computing is a way for businesses to readily change with the times without losing data.


  1. Agile, adaptable to individual needs.

Cloud computing allows you and your business to measure their achievement and able to perform consistently when confronted with an extraordinary amount of data. That’s why Innovative new applications on integrated cloud platform services are adaptable to individual needs.


  1. Maximizes business processes, enable more efficient supply chain, and provide predictive maintenance

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  1. Has unprecedented compute, storage, and networking capabilities.

Cloud technology has unprecedented ability to compute, store and networking. Compute service make the platforms capable to combine automation, Internet of Things, and robotics, which contribute to innovative developments in the long run.