How To Create VM Using A Template

create vm zettagrid

Once your vDC has been provisioned it’s time to start your Cloud by creating some Virtual Machines. You can create a Virtual Machine (VM) by using the vCloud Director. Here are the easy steps:

1. Login to your vCloud Director. Find your username and password within the My Account portal.

2. Go to the My Cloud tab and click on the + icon.

3. Choose Public Catalog from the drop down menu and select the OS for your new VM.

4. Enter the name for your vApp and select the VDC where your new VM will reside.

5. Give your VM a name. Don’t forget to choose a Storage Tier.

6. Select Networks.

7. Choose the resources you wish to assign to your VM.

8. Your new VM will now start provisioning. Once the VM has provisioned you will be able to see it listed.

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