What Is VMware vCloud Director? And Why Is It Relevant To You?

VMware vCloud Director is an offering from VMware which enables cloud providers to provision Software Defined Data Center services which are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes.

A Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is the final destination of a cloud migration journey. This journey of evolution starts with virtualising hardware followed by storage and finally networking and security.

The primary business benefit of a SDDC is simplification for cloud service providers enabling them to provision secure IT resources and applications and having these available for consumption in a matter of minutes.

The business agility which a SDDC provides is an important competitive advantage in the digital age where speed to market is often the difference between success and failure.

Business agility delivers benefits

A SDDC, enabled by VMware vCloud Director, creates greater business agility for cloud service providers such as Zettagrid who in turn pass on this benefit to their customers.

In a world where an accelerated rate of change and multifactor business forces are constantly driving dynamic and fluid business requirements, businesses need to be able to respond with rapid agility to ensure they meet the objectives set by the market forces at play.

The business benefits of organisational agility cannot and should not be underestimated. Business agility creates a competitive advantage, leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention and increased employee productivity. In addition, agility can also lead to a reduction in cost and creates the opportunity for businesses to react rapidly to new opportunities.

Enabling vCenter customers to extend their existing data centers to the cloud

Existing VMware customers can easily migrate their existing data centers to the Zettagrid cloud using a vCenter plugin, aptly named vCloud Director Extender, which enables simple, secure virtual machine migration and data center extension.

In essence, vCloud Director Extender is a vCenter plugin that enables VMware customers to directly connect to Zettagrid’s vCloud Director environment for workload migration.

This simple yet powerful vCloud feature simplifies the complex process of extending your existing infrastructure or migrating your infrastructure to the cloud. It allows for user-driven workflows, seamless connectivity, and cold or warm migration options.

Improved Security

Any technology solution, from infrastructure application planning to implementation and operational maintenance, must take security seriously. Confidential information, hosted on online systems, is only a single authentication credential or system vulnerability away from being compromised by malicious actors who could use this data for nefarious purposes.

By utilising vCloud as an extension to their existing VMware environment, VMware customers can maintain security and control over multi-tenant environments with policy-based user controls and VMware vShield security technologies such as vShield Zones, vShield Edge, vShield App and vShield Endpoint.

Application portability

According to a recent white paper published by the Cloud Standards Customer Council, an end user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud’s successful adoption, interoperability and application portability between clouds is a critical success factor for any cloud extension service or cloud service platform.

Zettagrid and the VMware VCloud Director solution offering from VMware subscribe to these principles and standards which include the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) as well as industry standard API specifications such as LDAP, OAuth, and SAML.

VMware vCloud Director and Zettagrid

Zettagrid delivers Australia’s most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure platform. We provide the easiest, fastest and most highly available cloud through their full network integration and have the largest VMware cloud footprint in Australia operating data centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Jakarta.

To use VMware vCloud Director with Zettagrid simply provision a Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre which offers superior business benefits such as fully customised sizing, simple management, no contract lock-ins and a simplified costing engine.

To move your infrastructure to the next level of evolution, sign up for the Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre and then transform your environment into a hybrid cloud simply and efficiently by using the vCloud Director Extender plugin.

Find out more how Zettagrid VDC can benefit your business.

*This article originally taken from blog.zettagrid.com

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