Why Disaster Recovery Becomes Critical For Your Business?

Disaster Recovery

Why Disaster Recovery Becomes Critical For Your Business?

Disaster recovery becomes one of critical needs almost in every industry. The National Archives and Records Administration reports that 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. In addition, 43 percent of companies that do not have a disaster recovery plan will go out of business in the aftermath of major data loss. Here are the the benefits of using Disaster Recovery;

Stay Safe against the Effects of Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters can occur anytime and in any form such as; earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other extreme disaster which are unpredictable. Your business can face devastating downtime when such disasters occur. The National Archives and Records Administration has found that above 90% of the organizations that experience minimum 7 days downtime, go out of business within a year. Disaster Recovery will protect your data and ensure your business is not compromised with downtime.


Reduce the Impact of Cyber Attacks:

Disaster Recovery assists in minimizing the impact of attacks and risks by cyber criminals. As the data generated everyday is increasing, criminals are also expanding their techniques to attack small businesses that they think are susceptible. The overall weak security maintained by several small businesses makes them an easy goal for attacks and probes.


System Failure:

A system like the hardware, machines or other components might fail. However you buy the system with a guarantee of 99% uptime, it will certainly encounter issues after some time and experience at least some downtime. Even if you spend hard on technology, no solution is a perfect one. Therefore, businesses need to invest in robust disaster recovery that can support all of these risks.

Take a look at our disaster recovery solution here


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Migration to Smart Hospital – Surabaya 


Smart Hospital


Cloud Talk: Migration to Smart Hospital – Surabaya

Jika anda bekerja sebagai IT di bidang kesehatan, pernahkan anda terpikirkan jika sistem komputasi Rumah Sakit anda mati seketika? Bagaimana jika dokter sedang memiliki jadwal operasi kemudian sistem komputasi mati sehingga data-data pasiennya hilang. Atau bisa juga jika antrian pasien RS sedang panjang dan tiba-tiba sistem komputasinya mati selama berjam-jam dan antrian menjadi kacau.

Hal-hal tersebut tentunya bisa terjadi kapan saja dan tidak dapat dihindari dalam dunia IT. Maka dari itu, Zettagrid Indonesia sebagai penyedia layanan cloud yang memiliki data center di Indonesia, menyediakan solusi Disaster Recovery yang dapat mencegah terjadinya kejadian-kejadian yang tidak diinginkan tersebut.

Hari Kamis 12 September 2019 lalu, Zettagrid Indonesia berkolaborasi dengan Asosiasi Pengusaha TIK Nasional (APTIKNAS), telah berhasil mengadakan event “Migration to Smart Hospital”. Acara yang diadakan di Hotel Sahid Surabaya ini berhasil mengajak lebih dari 70 partisipan untuk mengenal lebih dalam apa itu Smart Hospital dan bagaimana cara mengimplementasikannya.

Smart Hospital

Dalam event ini, Zettagrid Indonesia menjelaskan bagaimana pentingnya Disaster Recovery dalam mendukung smart hospital, yang telah dicanangkan oleh pemerintah dalam upayanya untuk menjadikan Indonesia 4.0. Tidak hanya itu, Zettagrid Indonesia juga membuka booth, dimana para partisipan dapat berkonsultasi langsung mengenai penggunaan cloud dalam industry kesehatan.

Smart Hospital

Terimakasih atas partisipan di Smart Hospital Surabaya yang sudah hadir! Sampai jumpa di event Zettagrid selanjutnya.

Jika anda tertarik untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai layanan Disaster Recovery, anda dapat menghubungi kami disini

The Benefits Of Cloud In Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry


The Benefits Of Cloud In Healthcare Industry

A recent report published by Acumen Research and Consulting stated that cloud computing is becoming mainstream in healthcare industry with spending expected to grow above 14% annually. While data privacy may have kept many organizations from moving apps and data to the cloud, many hospitals in Indonesia are embracing the cloud since it has several benefits to improve their workflow. So, what are the key benefits that cloud services has to offer them?

Streamlined Collaboration.

In many cases specific information may be needed in more than one place, simultaneously, by different healthcare professionals. Cloud technologies enables the information to be synchronized and shared in real time. Furthermore, cloud services have a lot of collaboration tools to offer, allowing doctors to save valuable time.


Cloud-based tools can upgrade and improve their features faster, less expensively and with minimal or no service interruption. Plus, cloud services enable faster access to important information for healthcare professionals and their patients.


Each mobile app is backed up by a cloud infrastructure. By storing data and computing power in the cloud, healthcare service providers enable their staff to have access to information anywhere and anytime.

Saving On Data Storage

Big data has become an overwhelming challenge for many health organizations, and the cloud allows providers to save money by minimizing in-house storage needs.

The information also becomes more accessible from various locations, and even if something happens on-site, the data is still preserved.

Reducing costs

There is no need for the health care institution and doctors to invest in hardware infrastructure and maintenance because these concerns are already taken care of by the cloud computing providers.

Getting curious about the role of cloud in healthcare industry? Let’s find out more about our event in collaboration with APTIKNAS. Thursday, 12 September 2019 from 2-7 PM at Hotel Sahid Surabaya. Our team will be ready to guide you on what you need to improve your Hospital IT infrastructure! Register now at marketing@zettagrid.id with subject “CLOUDTALKSUB” . See you there!


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How Cloud Characteristics Meets Traditional IT Goals?

Cloud Characteristic

As organization move critical compute, storage, and application system to cloud providers, several additional attributes or characteristics have become more of an emphasis. The following list of cloud characteristics apply to IT organization in general even if an organization isn’t yet shifting to a cloud environment;


Real-time statistics, monitoring, and metering of services (transparency into the cloud environment)

Company needs to transitioned some or all of their applications into the cloud, so some form of visibility into the cloud environment is essential for a successful experience. This includes real-time monitoring of service status, metered resource utilization dashboards, and service-level agreement (SLA) reporting scorecards.


Self-service management

As applications are moved to the cloud, organizations want the ability to manage their account and application settings without having to submit a helpdesk ticket for routine tasks. This is often an overlooked or underestimated feature of a successful cloud offering.


Role-based security for multilevel administration

User roles are defined within the cloud management system to allow placing orders, approving orders, or managing service subscriptions. These roles also define the visibility of service between users, so multiple organizations or tenants cannot see one another.


24/7 support and escalation to a single provider

Users are looking for the provider to fully support all the services and resources hosted in the cloud. Cloud providers typical provide all backend datacentre and server farm management. But the user also needs the ability to escalate real and perceived user and access issues to provider. Zettagrid Indonesia offers 24/7 customer support, so if you need assistant for your cloud, you can contact us in every time, in every channel.


For more information, you can contact us here or email us at sales@zettagrid.id


*source The Enterprise Cloud – James Bond, 2015

Here Are 5 Characteristics of Cloud


Characteristics Cloud

Here Are 5 Characteristics of Cloud

Before you use cloud, let’s learn more about 5 characteristics of cloud that you should know;

On-demand self service

An organization can order cloud services with automated provisioning of the needed computing, storage, network, and applications from the cloud provider. This includes the ability to expand services or resources as needed automatically or as requested by the organization. This also entails the ability to rapidly scale up or scale down as needs change.


Resources pooling

Multiple users share all resources within a specific cloud deployment. The level of sharing or dedicated resources to each user can vary depending on the cloud deployment model. Virtualization of compute, storage, networking, and applications are often utilized to separate one tenant (user) from another. Access controls are in place to maintain separation of user data from all other users. The location of resources is often spread across multiple physical datacenters, and depending on the cloud deployment model, the location of hosted resources might not even be known or specified by the user.


Rapid Elasticity

You can scale out services rapidly, with increased capacity or additional compute, memory, storage, and network resources giving the impression of unlimited resources availability. You can also reduce resources when workload utilization decreases.


Broad Network Access

Cloud services are provided over any combination of private network communication circuits or the open internet, depending on the cloud deployment model and the specifications of cloud provider’s offering. You can make the cloud resources available to or hidden from a wide variety of computers (thick or thin client), laptops, mobile devices tablets, and smart phones.


Measured service

Services are billed on pay per use basis as determined by metering of consumed resources such as compute, storage, network, or applications. You can measure and monitor all resource usage and establish potential limits or pay as used expansion of resources as needed.


Contact us to getting know more about cloud!


*source The Enterprise Cloud – James Bond, 2015

Q&A With Nathan Harman, CEO of Zettagrid


Q&A with Nathan Harman, CEO of Zettagrid


The Zettagrid journey was started in 2010 in Australia as a basic VPS provider. Since then, Zettagrid’s product range and customer base has grown significantly. In 2017, Zettagrid expanded into Indonesia and now has 5 availability zones over 13 data centers across Australia and South East Asia. Behind this successful story is the CEO of Zettagrid, Nathan Harman. Last month, Nathan visited the Zettagrid Indonesia office and we had an opportunity to interview him about how he and his team built Zettagrid from 2010 until now.

What inspired you and your team to create Zettagrid?

We love the idea of new service/billing model and thought it will be fun to create this. We also had a lot of assets and capability that already available in the business necessary to create a cloud business such as; a business Internet Service Provider (ISP), data center space, virtualisation expertise in house, and absolutely spare capital to buy some infrastructure and experiment. We also ran an online business which called mBox that made us more confident to create Zettagrid. This has proved correct with the company expanding at fantastic rate.

What’s your aim in creating Zettagrid?

We want to create something that would be good for businesses and help our customers by simplifying their cloud experience. Perhaps we could quickly grow our services globally.

What makes Zettagrid different among the other competitors?

What makes us different is the automation that we put in to simplifying the service for the customer. From all others element that we have, I think the automation itself that makes us unique.

What was the story behind tagline “Simplify your cloud experience”?

The cloud experience is typically complex. The products, services, administration and even the billing are complex. Our mindset is that this complexity can cause frustration and prevents customers from getting the true benefit of cloud. You will find that each of our cloud services are simple to use and our billing is fixed and so you don’t get any bill shock like other providers.

In Indonesia, we have already started to move to Industry 4.0. What do you think about the role of cloud computing in supporting Indonesia 4.0 especially for enterprises?

A company needs to be more agile today to respond the changes to achieve its businesses objectives. Using cloud computing is one part of making sure that this agility is embedded in a business. It is also helps a company to match its revenue and expenses by only acquiring capacity as required.

Many people are still wondering about the safety of cloud computing, how can you say that Zettagrid is safety?

Since everyone is concerned about security in Zettagrid, it means that we really pay attention to security. Moreover, we take it seriously and make sure that our security levels are very high. As it turns out this is higher than most companies internal security. Now that we are a bigger company lots of bad actors try to breach our business, so we have a track record of lots of people trying to hack us and as the result nobody succeeding to do it as we are constantly improving our system security.


Diskon 50% Spesial Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Diskon 50% Spesial Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia


Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!


Momentum Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia adalah saatnya untuk kita merajut kembali persatuan bangsa. Mencapai cita-cita untuk menuju Indonesia maju, salah satunya dengan mewujudkan Indonesia 4.0.  Zettagrid Indonesia turut mendukung gerakan ini dengan memberikan layanan cloud yang mudah digunakan dan terpercaya untuk usaha anda. Bersamaan dengan bulan perayaan HUT RI yang ke-74, Zettagrid Indonesia telah meluncurkan produk baru yaitu VDC Backup. VDC Backup merupakan produk backup pertama di dunia yang mengintegrasikan Veaam Backup dan Recovery Enterprise Plus kedalam vCloud Director yang dimiliki VMware.

Untuk merayakan bulan kemerdekaan kali ini, kami memberikan penawaran spesial Discount 50% untuk 6 bulan pertama pemakaian VDC Backup dan  atau produk Secondsite Interzone  sebagai proteksi layanan backup dan disaster recovery virtual data center anda. Promo ini berlaku untuk minimal pembelian produk selama satu tahun.

Pesan sekarang dan jadilah orang yang menggunakan  produk VDC Backup pertama di dunia! Promo berlaku hingga 12 September 2019.

Hubungi kami di sales@zettagrid.id atau di 0811-28-38-78


Salam Semangat,

Zettagrid Indonesia


New VDC Backup – Another Global First

VDC Backup – Another Global First (Veeam + vCloud Director)


We are pleased to announce the launch of VDC Backup today. The backup service is a global first and seamlessly integrates Veeam Backup and Recovery Enterprise Plus into VMware’s vCloud Director. This new product is fully automated and completely self-service.

Here is a general comparison between our existing backup product called ImageArchive and the new VDC Backup.

VDC Backup

Continued Use of Image Archive

You can continue to use ImageArchive. This service will continue to be required for VPS and will continue to support Virtual Data Centres.


Migration From ImageArchive to VDC Backup

It is important to note that backup jobs are not transferable between ImageArchive and VDC Backup. New jobs need to be created in VDC Backup. We expect that you will create new jobs in this new product and stop jobs on ImageArchive. You will likely keep historical ImageArchive backups for some time until they are aged out and then cancel the ImageArchive service.


End User Access

All VDC Customers will get a new option to in the vCloud Director portal from which they can order and manage the service.

VDC Backups


The powerful granular functionality enables customers to manage all aspects of data backup and recovery.

vDC Backup


vDC Backup

vDC Backup

Try our new product now! For more information contact us at sales@zettagrid.id or click this link 

Tetap Aman Dengan Cloud Dikala Blackout Melanda




Tetap Aman Dengan Cloud Dikala Blackout Melanda


Peristiwa mati listrik atau black out adalah peristiwa yang cukup berbahaya bagi para pelaku bisnis. Tentunya hal ini merupakan bencana terutama pada bidang IT infrastruktur. Jika tidak memiliki daya listrik, data-data penting yang anda miliki bisa saja hilang. Berdasarkan survey yang dilakukan oleh “The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council” pada tahun 2014, kegagalan pada sumber daya listrik adalah penyebab ke 3 hilangnya layanan atau data.

Tapi anda tidak perlu khawatir, dengan Zettagrid Indonesia, anda dapat tidur lebih nyenyak di malam hari karena kami siap membantu anda untuk memberikan solusi melalui produk  yang kami tawarkan. Berikut 3 alasan mengapa Zettagrid Indonesia adalah penyedia cloud provider yang kredibel walaupun bencana black out datang seketika;


  1. Ketersediaan sumber daya listrik cadangan

Zettagrid Indonesia memiliki data center dengan kapasitas UPS/Baterai yang cukup untuk mengatasi gangguan istrik sesaat dan juga masa transisi sebelum sumber listrik cadangan mengambil alih. Kemudian Data center tersebut juga tidak bergantung pada satu sumber penyedia layanan listrik saja, tetapi mereka telah memiliki sumber listrik cadangan yang dapat memenuhi kebutuhan data center tersebut.


  1. Layanan Customer Service 24/7

Zettagrid Indonesia menawarkan layanan customer service 24/7. Anda tidak perlu khawatir jika anda mengalami problem, team customer service kami dapat dihubungi melalui telepon, e-mail, bahkan Whatsapp jika sewaktu-waktu dibutuhkan.


  1. Data Center Tier IV

Zettagrid telah mempersiapkan infrastruktur cloud nya dengan memilih Data Center dengan kriteria Tier III dan Tier IV. Data Center dengan kriteria Tier III telah melengkapi semua perlengkapannya dengan sumber daya listrik cadangan. Sedangkan Data Center dengan kriteria Tier IV sudah dilengkapi dengan peralatan cadangan (cooling, uplink, sirkulasi, dll), sehingga bila salah satu peralatan mengalami gangguan, tidak akan berdampak pada operasional Data Center. Selain itu Zettagrid juga memiliki 2 zona layanan dengan opsi “Interzone Replication”, sehingga pelanggan memiliki pilihan untuk mengaktifkan fitur tersebut untuk mendapatkan “zero point of failure”.


Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi kami di link ini.

Why Cloud Is Important In Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing


Why Cloud is Important in Smart Manufacturing?


The wave of Industrial Revolution 4.0 has started. Several developments will occur in every aspects of economic activities, including the manufacturing sector. In the future, a factory will turn digital and embraces machine to machine communication that we called Smart Manufacturing.


To support Smart Manufacturing, Zettagrid Indonesia in collaboration with Asosiasi Pengusaha TIK Nasional (APTIKNAS) just held an event named Cloud Talk: Smart Manufacturing. This event placed at Grand Edge Hotel Semarang on 25 July 2019.

Smart Manufacturing

Here we talk about how cloud infrastructure is set to become the important solution for manufacturing industry to implement Smart Manufacturing. With its flexibility to store and manage the expanse of machine data, manufacturing industry can focus on their core business while transforming into agile, digital company. In case you missed the event, here are 4 obvious reasons why cloud is important in smart manufacturing;

  1. Improve Quality

Cloud helps manufacturers manage their business with better intelligence, which is made possible through expanded use of data analytics. Cloud also empowers manufacturing operations and making them more productive.

  1. Increase Agility

Cloud offers manufacturers to scale up and down to manage its shifting project workloads, which is a special important requirement in the manufacturing industry. This ability to scale on demand, ensures manufacturers only pay for their actual usage and needs.

  1. Lower IT costs

With the ability to scale up and down, cloud giving manufacturers extremely value as it saves your valuable cash investment and convert it into operating expenses. Zettagrid offers predictable billing and robust infrastructure that allows manufacturer to focus on improving business operations and innovation without worrying about their IT infrastructure.

  1. Increase Security

Even though several benefits of migration to cloud are clear, several manufacturers still have concern about data loss. In Zettagrid, we offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS), which could protect manufacturers from cyber disaster. We are ISO and PCI certified, so manufacturers does not need to be worried about data loss.


Need more information about cloud and smart manufacturing? go contact us by clicking this link