Learn More About Zettagrid’s NSX Advanced Networking

nsx edge cloud

Zettagrid’s NSX Advanced Networking delivers enterprise-grade networking features powered by VMware NSX technology and is and all in one device utilising the features below:

Key Benefits

  • MyAccount UI: All configuration options are presented through Zettagrid’s MyAccount Portal with granular configuration of NSX Edge Interfaces, DHCP, NAT, Firewalling, IPSec VPN, Load Balancing and Dynamic Routing.
  • Network Scaling: Three sizing options of the NSX Edge Gateways giving greater flexibility to clients to tailor their networking services while delivers network scaling that allows Virtual Datacenters to have the same level of performance as on-premises networks.
  • High Availability: All NSX Edges size options come with the option of HA. With the HA feature turned on each NSX Edge is deployed in a HA Pair for greater resiliency and service continuity.
  • Dynamic Routing: Support for BGP, OSPF routing that enables greater flexibility and control of the Virtual Datacenter networks and helps to extend Zettagrid based services extend to other zones or on-premises locations.
  • Enhanced Load Balancing: Included in the NSX Edge is a full fledged L4/7 load-balancer that also provides enhanced features such as HA Proxy Based Application Rules, Custom Monitoring and SSL Passthrough,
  • Enhanced IPSec VPN: Site-to-site IPsec VPN options enables a quick and efficient way to connect up multiple cloud or on-premises locations to your Zettagrid Virtual Datacenter allowing an easy way to extend workloads for hybridity.

The Advanced Networking features allow Zettagrid’s Virtual Datacenters based on vCloud Director the ability to take advantage of the enhanced features of the NSX Edge Gateway giving more power to clients to be able to be more efficient with their Zettagrid Cloud deployments.

NSX Edge Gateway Services

Firewall Supported rules include IP 5-tuple configuration with IP and port ranges for stateful inspection for all protocols
NAT Separate controls for Source and Destination IP addresses, as well as port translation
DHCP Configuration of IP pools, gateways, DNS servers, and search domains
Site to Site VPN Uses standardized IPsec protocol settings to interoperate with all major VPN vendors
Load Balancing Simple and dynamically configurable virtual IP addresses and server groups
Dynamic Routing Provides the necessary forwarding information between layer 2 broadcast domains, thereby allowing you to decrease layer 2 broadcast domains and improve network efficiency and scale. NSX extends this intelligence to where the workloads reside for doing East-West routing. This allows more direct virtual machine to virtual machine communication without the costly or timely need to extend hops. At the same time, NSX also provides North-South connectivity, thereby enabling tenants to access public networks.

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