Migration To Smart Hospital 4.0

smart hospital zettagridThe Smart Hospital concept is aimed at creating a single IT environment composed of automated of specialized and auxiliary process. In the course of this new technological revolution, a huge amount of data, cloud computing services, machine learning methods and artificial intelligence solutions are being combined.

According Frost & Sullivan, 10% of hospital will become or step towards becoming “Smart Hospital” by 2025. Smart Hospital utilize health IT infrastructure technology such as mobile devices, data analytics solutions and cloud computing.

The process of transitioning IT infrastructure to support a smart hospital can be challenging, but organizations need to remember that the transformation must take place in stages. Cloud computing for storage is one of the most significant steps healthcare organizations can take towards becoming a smart hospital.

Cloud-based tools and cloud-based storage are key to rapidly expanding health IT infrastructure. The elastic environment gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to expand their infrastructure without spending too much money toward on-premises tools.

Public Cloud is the most scalable data storage solution. Storage space can be added or dropped as the size of an organization changes. This makes public cloud popular for temporary projects as well as data migration.

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