High Availability Benefits with Zettagrid

Written by Nicki Pereira, Chief Technology Officer of Zettagrid  : Why do organisations need high availability?Availability of critical online systems and services is key to the longevity and success of the modern organisation.

Your customers expect your IT infrastructure to be available when they need to interact or transact with you. Your staff, who are another significant stakeholder in your organisation, also require a stable and accessible platform to perform their duties.

On both sides of the spectrum, your stakeholders need your systems to be accessible and responsive at all times. This requirement is beneficial to your business as it helps to ensure your organisation functions at peak efficiency levels supporting your strategic goals and operational objectives.

Zettagrid’s solution built on high availability has many direct and indirect benefits for your business. Let’s look at three key high availability benefits Zettagrid cloud powered by VMware delivers.

Top 3 key benefits of high availability;

1.    Mitigating the risk of down time

In today’s connected world, down time in any public facing system results in reputational harm to the organisation. As society has become more reliant on online systems, any down time is perceived as organisational instability which can result in an erosion of customer confidence. Not to mention the direct opportunity cost and lost productivity when systems are not available for commercial transactions and operations.

Zettagrid has removed the hassle and financial burden legacy HA solutions are notorious for and prides itself on making high availability easier and more affordable than it has been in the past. Zettagrid therefore mitigates down time risk with an effective platform at the best price possible.

2.    Mitigating the risk of lost revenue

Even if your business is not involved in any form of e-commerce, system availability directly affects your organisation’s ability to generate revenue. Systems are tightly integrated in modern organisations and dependencies exist between all operational applications be they revenue generating or not.

For example, if a non-revenue generating system such as your identity management solution fails, chances are your staff will not be able to login to the financial system. This means no invoice generation and as a result no revenue.

Even if they can log in a day or two later, generating invoices later means a delay in cash collection directly affecting your cash flow.

Zettagrid’s HA solution mitigates this key business risk for you. With a resilient national network built with geo-redundancy you can rest assured your business can continue to operate no matter what form of incident or outage affects business environment.

3.    Increase in operational flexibility

Platforms with high availability offer more operational flexibility to organisations because they’re always on. This flexibility provides organisations with the opportunity to perform planned maintenance on production systems without triggering any down time.

Maintenance tasks such as performing operating system updates and deploying a new version of an application to production can be completed without negatively affecting the availability of critical infrastructure.

The easy to use interface Zettagrid offers to its customers makes working with your backed-up data and systems easier than ever. You can now continue to serve your customers while running crucial maintenance that used to take your business offline for hours in the past.

Choose the right technology partner

The material business benefits of high availability are clear. However, deploying a high availability solution is a complex project as there are many variables to consider. Where will I host my second environment? What technology platform should I use? Which systems do I need to enable first?

Choosing the right technology partner who has the track record, skill, expertise and capacity is a key step on your journey to high-availability.

Zettagrid offers Indonesia’s most advanced self-service cloud hosting platform which is easy to use, super scalable and highly available with availability zones in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Jakarta.

Zettagrid possesses all the key qualities you are looking for in a technology partner for your high availability solution.

Discover how Zettagrid cloud powered by VMware can deliver high availability for your business.

Find out more information about Zettagrid solutions by visiting the Zettagrid Indonesia website.

*This article originally taken from blog.zettagrid.com

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