Bring Your Own Office 365 License to Zettagrid

SYDNEY, 5 July 2016 – Zettagrid today announced it is the first Service Provider in Australia to be authorised by Microsoft to enable customers to deploy Office 365 ProPlus in a shared cloud environment.

As part of Microsoft’s Authorised Service Provider for Shared Computer Activation (SCA) program, Zettagrid customers will be able to take advantage of their existing Office 365 ProPlus licensing investments when deploying to Zettagrid’s cloud.

“We’re all about simplifying a complex world for our customers,” said Zettagrid Managing Director Dr Nathan Harman. “Our customers have been telling us how much easier it would be for their business if their Office 365 ProPlus license wasn’t separate from their cloud.”

“That’s why we set out to become an SCA Authorised Service Provider and make it easier for our customers to maximise their Office 365 ProPlus on-premise, while also deploying it in Zettagrid’s cloud at no additional cost.”

All Office 365 plans that include an Office 365 ProPlus subscription can be deployed to Zettagrid regardless of the license program or reseller. Licenses deployed via SCA will not count towards a customer’s install limit.

For more details please see our Office 365 Licensing FAQ