Designed to deliver up-time

We do not lock you into any contracts and so we have to deliver our promise of high availability and service up-time. We give our commitment on Platform’s performance and guarantee it with financial rebates.

Zettagrid is built with high availability as our primary goal. Each component of the Zettagrid Cloud Platform has been designed with redundancy in mind. This redundancy is designed at all levels including multiple data centers, compute chassis, compute hosts, network core, IP transit and SAN storage. Separating these components allows Zettagrid to deliver higher availability during both maintenance and upgrades.

Zettagrid Infrastructure Overview

cloud infrastructure zettagrid

Power is in your hands

The key to delivering a true cloud is automation and providing control to our Customers. This is Zettagrid competitive advantage. We have invested heavily in our dedicated applications development team to deliver that automation. Our goal is to allow our customers to be able to control every aspect of their own cloud which reduce the needs to contact our support helpdesk.

Leading cloud platform

We have taken full advantage of VMware’s vCloud technology platform. This technology truly sets us apart from other cloud service providers. And it allow us to provide our customers with an enterprise level services with features like vMotion, HA, Fault Tolerance and DRS. Our platform have achieved VMware’s vCloud certification.