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Follow these simple steps below to discover a new experience using cloud for your web server.

  • Create Zettagrid Account here
  • Once you have created Zettagrid Account, you need to login and click “catalog” menu.
  • Choose “virtual server” tab, then define you cloud compute/server capacity for your web server.
  • For example, you can choose 1GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB Storage with Linux OS. You will also get 500GB internet traffic quota.
  • Click “add to order” then once you do “check out”, you will be directed to “payment method” page. Click “save quote” button on the bottom right corner then please transfer amount into one of our bank accounts to make payment
  • And it’s done! Just a couple of minutes you can start and build your own web server using a secure and comprehensive cloud infrastructure from Zettagrid. More from Zettagrid Virtual Server detail specification here
  • Further information about Zettagrid product and service, please visit https://www.zettagrid.id/ or simply email us to sales@zettagrid.id or direct call to +62-21-2789-9962. We’re happy to help you!
  • Start to build web server NOW

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