Why Disaster Recovery Becomes Critical For Your Business?

Disaster Recovery

Why Disaster Recovery Becomes Critical For Your Business?

Disaster recovery becomes one of critical needs almost in every industry. The National Archives and Records Administration reports that 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. In addition, 43 percent of companies that do not have a disaster recovery plan will go out of business in the aftermath of major data loss. Here are the the benefits of using Disaster Recovery;

Stay Safe against the Effects of Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters can occur anytime and in any form such as; earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other extreme disaster which are unpredictable. Your business can face devastating downtime when such disasters occur. The National Archives and Records Administration has found that above 90% of the organizations that experience minimum 7 days downtime, go out of business within a year. Disaster Recovery will protect your data and ensure your business is not compromised with downtime.


Reduce the Impact of Cyber Attacks:

Disaster Recovery assists in minimizing the impact of attacks and risks by cyber criminals. As the data generated everyday is increasing, criminals are also expanding their techniques to attack small businesses that they think are susceptible. The overall weak security maintained by several small businesses makes them an easy goal for attacks and probes.


System Failure:

A system like the hardware, machines or other components might fail. However you buy the system with a guarantee of 99% uptime, it will certainly encounter issues after some time and experience at least some downtime. Even if you spend hard on technology, no solution is a perfect one. Therefore, businesses need to invest in robust disaster recovery that can support all of these risks.

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