Here Are 5 Characteristics of Cloud


Characteristics Cloud

Here Are 5 Characteristics of Cloud

Before you use cloud, let’s learn more about 5 characteristics of cloud that you should know;

On-demand self service

An organization can order cloud services with automated provisioning of the needed computing, storage, network, and applications from the cloud provider. This includes the ability to expand services or resources as needed automatically or as requested by the organization. This also entails the ability to rapidly scale up or scale down as needs change.


Resources pooling

Multiple users share all resources within a specific cloud deployment. The level of sharing or dedicated resources to each user can vary depending on the cloud deployment model. Virtualization of compute, storage, networking, and applications are often utilized to separate one tenant (user) from another. Access controls are in place to maintain separation of user data from all other users. The location of resources is often spread across multiple physical datacenters, and depending on the cloud deployment model, the location of hosted resources might not even be known or specified by the user.


Rapid Elasticity

You can scale out services rapidly, with increased capacity or additional compute, memory, storage, and network resources giving the impression of unlimited resources availability. You can also reduce resources when workload utilization decreases.


Broad Network Access

Cloud services are provided over any combination of private network communication circuits or the open internet, depending on the cloud deployment model and the specifications of cloud provider’s offering. You can make the cloud resources available to or hidden from a wide variety of computers (thick or thin client), laptops, mobile devices tablets, and smart phones.


Measured service

Services are billed on pay per use basis as determined by metering of consumed resources such as compute, storage, network, or applications. You can measure and monitor all resource usage and establish potential limits or pay as used expansion of resources as needed.


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