Why Cloud Is Important In Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing


Why Cloud is Important in Smart Manufacturing?


The wave of Industrial Revolution 4.0 has started. Several developments will occur in every aspects of economic activities, including the manufacturing sector. In the future, a factory will turn digital and embraces machine to machine communication that we called Smart Manufacturing.


To support Smart Manufacturing, Zettagrid Indonesia in collaboration with Asosiasi Pengusaha TIK Nasional (APTIKNAS) just held an event named Cloud Talk: Smart Manufacturing. This event placed at Grand Edge Hotel Semarang on 25 July 2019.

Smart Manufacturing

Here we talk about how cloud infrastructure is set to become the important solution for manufacturing industry to implement Smart Manufacturing. With its flexibility to store and manage the expanse of machine data, manufacturing industry can focus on their core business while transforming into agile, digital company. In case you missed the event, here are 4 obvious reasons why cloud is important in smart manufacturing;

  1. Improve Quality

Cloud helps manufacturers manage their business with better intelligence, which is made possible through expanded use of data analytics. Cloud also empowers manufacturing operations and making them more productive.

  1. Increase Agility

Cloud offers manufacturers to scale up and down to manage its shifting project workloads, which is a special important requirement in the manufacturing industry. This ability to scale on demand, ensures manufacturers only pay for their actual usage and needs.

  1. Lower IT costs

With the ability to scale up and down, cloud giving manufacturers extremely value as it saves your valuable cash investment and convert it into operating expenses. Zettagrid offers predictable billing and robust infrastructure that allows manufacturer to focus on improving business operations and innovation without worrying about their IT infrastructure.

  1. Increase Security

Even though several benefits of migration to cloud are clear, several manufacturers still have concern about data loss. In Zettagrid, we offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS), which could protect manufacturers from cyber disaster. We are ISO and PCI certified, so manufacturers does not need to be worried about data loss.


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