Future of Mobility: The Employee Experience Finally Improves


As mobile technologies advance in the workplace, how will the employee experience evolve—and IT along with it?

Noah Wasmer, Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager, VMware End-User Computing


For years, I’ve said the future of mobility will be the reason people love their work again.

There are parts of work people love—and parts of our work they hate. I believe technology advances will dramatically simplify processes and streamline day-to-day tasks—the dull work. These innovations will help eliminate mundane tasks, such as expense reports and meeting invites. This will enable employees to fast-forward to more important, challenging and rewarding work—the deep work.

I also see technology enriching the work employees love. Work apps are becoming more like their personal apps with intuitive, ergonomic experiences. As companies adopt modern app experiences, employees can work anytime, anywhere and on any device—taking advantage of their most productive, creative moments.

This is our mission at VMware. We focus on helping employees connect and share information in more efficient and intelligent ways, such as:

  • A car insurance adjuster who instantly uploads photos with an easy-to-use mobile app, instead of filling out paperwork on a laptop.
  • A doctor who immediately accesses patient data by securely accessing a virtual workstation on any computer or mobile device.
  • A saleswoman who receives a client email and automatically receives insights from her customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • A manufacturing employee who works hands-free using augmented reality (AR), instead of stopping work to review how-to instructions.

These positive employee experiences result in major benefits to customers, as well. Consider:

  • The driver from that accident can repair their car faster because the insurance company provided near-instant mobile coverage details.
  • The patient feels less rushed and more cared for by their doctor, who spends less time behind a computer screen.
  • The prospective customer receives a prompt, personalized reply about the right solution for their needs.
  • The consumer purchases a well-made product from the manufacturer at a more competitive price, because of the more efficient AR-enabled production workflow.

As employees enjoy new and more meaningful work, customers also enjoy new and more meaningful experiences with businesses. Just look at what’s happening at ANZ BankMercy and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Evolving to a Culture of Trust and Empowerment

For some organizations, the company-wide commitment to putting employees first begins with onboarding and continues all the way through retirement. These initiatives force IT to evolve from a culture of command and control to a culture of employee trust and empowerment.

For example, we’re seeing the importance of choice in attracting and retaining top employee talent. Increasingly, before a new hire even steps foot in the office, businesses ask employees which tools and apps they want and need to be most successful. Some new employee agreements now include device and app preferences. These tools are delivered to their homes, helping employees be productive on day one.

This is tremendous progress for organizations. Yet, it’s more than just automating paper-based processes or streamlining onboarding. Building a culture of trust and empowerment changes the way everyone works. It connects people to the right apps, backend systems and digital resources when needed the most. Ultimately, this helps employees focus on what they do best—and the work they love the most.

What’s Next for Mobility and the Employee Experience

The race to gain and maintain a competitive edge drives some companies to evolve faster than others in the name of innovation. However, organizations that ignore employee preferences will fall behind those that listen to and empower their employees.

Work seems, well, less like work without all the friction. Mobility helps employees work smarter with access to the tools and data they need, when and where they need it. That’s both personally and professionally fulfilling. When everyday tasks get done faster, there’s time to work on solving harder, more complex problems. That truly helps employees enjoy what they do.

As a result, companies reach new levels of success, as my colleague Shankar Iyer explains here. Shankar and I talked more about delivering what employees want and need during VMworldWatch our on-demand showcase keynote now, and follow the #VMworld conversation online, to hear about our platform approach to employee empowerment, along with human-centered design.


Sources: VMware/Radius

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