What’s On Every CIOs Mind? Cloud and Mobility


Written by Nicki Pereira, Chief Technology Officer of Zettagrid  : Although cloud computing has been around for over a decade, for most people outside of the tech industry, it will feel like a relatively new concept. But it’s easy to forget, just how much it has changed office life since its arrival.

Employees have broken out of their cubicles and into open plan offices in a bid to increase collaboration. The days of fax machines and landline telephones are disappearing. The rise of the hot desking means that you don’t even need to sit at the same desk every day.

There is an argument that the traditional desk has already been retired from the office. Gathering spaces are now frequented by the uber cool who can be found intensely staring down at a laptop screen or managing a breakout session while sat on multicoloured bean bags. More info at Zetta.com.au


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