Getting Know More About Virtual Server and Virtual Data Center


Virtual Server Virtual Data Center

Getting Know More About Virtual Server and Virtual Data Center

Not sure if your business needs to use a virtual private server (VPS) or a virtual data center (VDC)?

While the two are related, they are not the same thing. Both a VPS and VDC are invaluable tools for businesses of all sizes, from small organisations looking for an affordable and secure server to suit their unique needs, to growing and enterprise-level organisations that require maximum scalability and flexibility.

Both make the computing power of an outside server accessible, empowering business IT teams to do more regarding security, functionality and development.

Today, it’s no longer necessary to spend large sums on a physical data center. Virtual private servers and virtual data center are two of the most efficient resources businesses have available to them to harness the power of virtual computing power and data storage.

Where the distinction between VPS and VDC lies is in the scope of what they offer.

What is a Virtual Private Server used for?

A VPS can be used for a variety of purposes. It serves as an off-site, third-party hosting provider with greater security and flexibility than you’d get with something like shared hosting. When you sign up for a virtual private server, you’re basically getting a remote computer and all the dynamic functioning that comes with it.

It can be used for:

  • Running websites
  • Hosting business files and media
  • Testing new components as well as server setups that aren’t yet live

The advantages of a VPS are that it offers a lot of the resources modern organisations require to offer a professional user experience. For example, with CPU and RAM, a website run from a VPS will be more responsive than one run from a shared hosting service.

It is also a secure option. VPS has what is known as sandbox security. This means no one can go in and hack your user information and data files as the server is its own separate entity within the cloud environment. Understanding how critical data security is to today’s organisations, Zettagrid utilises three levels of electronic security, physical security, network separation, and server and storage data.

We also make our VPS services fully customisable to make your life that much easier. You can choose your operating system, set your own levels of CPU, RAM, storage, Internet data, speed, and set up your location. Then, you can install whatever applications your business needs rather than being stuck with pre-determined applications.

A VPS will have a limited number of users, which means it is limited in scalability and may not offer enough for more dynamic organisations – or for those on a fast growth track.

This is where virtual data centres come in to save the day.

What Is a Virtual Data Center Used For?

Just as a physical data building would house numerous racks containing servers, a virtual data center is a virtual location that houses numerous virtual servers. It offers a pool of virtualised resources, which are then available to only a single user – your business. This means instead of one virtual operating system, you have an entire virtual environment that contains many virtual servers.

A VDC is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level organisations. It is essentially a management environment. Leverage it for all it’s worth, and your IT team can do just about anything within a secure, scalable, stunningly flexible environment.

We take customisation a few steps further than what most people expect from a VDC. For instance, you can customise your virtual servers, so they match exactly what you need. This allows businesses to save on IT costs by only paying for what you use – yet you are already set up to scale when your organisation demands growth and greater functionality.

A VDC also serves as a source of backup and replication. With Zettagrid, you can choose from different VM backup and replication options depending on what you need to meet compliance and retention requirements.

We also make managing your VDC a breeze with plenty of real-time and historical metrics and optional advanced portal features with VMware and vCloud Director. The idea is for you to be in complete control, so you can get the most out of your virtual servers and offer the seamless, flawlessly secure private, public, or hybrid cloud environment for all your users.

If you are still curious about the differences between VPS and VDC you can contact us here

MyAccount Update 61 Release Notes

My Account Update

MyAccount Update 61 Release Notes

See below for the public release notes for Release 61


  • Improved Password Retrieval System
  • Improved Validation on adding zero licence to cart
  • VPS console now opens in a new tab
  • Automated Volume Discounting
  • Ability to create new cart when editing a saved order


  • Veeam Replication Catalog Page new failed over boostrap card container
  • Resizing VDC allows zero Internet Traffic
  • Account Login pop up appeared on the account creation page
  • Back button now works in new purchase page
  • Veeam Cloud Connect Backup order form fixes

Upcoming Improvements

  • Enhanced MyAccount MFA
  • Veeam Availability Console Release

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Keep Your Business Away from Disaster with SecondSite DR

Secondsite Disaster Recovery

Keep your business away from Disaster with SecondSite DR

According to USAID, Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, regularly experiencing earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, volcanic eruptions, flooding, and drought. For example, the flood that just happened in several cities in Indonesia that impacted to several business and offices. Spread across 6,000 inhabited islands, communities in Indonesia face a numerous different hazard, as well as differing levels of disaster response capacity, posing a challenge to preparing for and responding to disasters.

By this condition, it is very important for enterprises to be prepared and keep their business running due to disaster possibility in Indonesia.

Secondsite Disaster Recovery

Zettagrid provides you solution for disaster recovery. SecondSite DR is a real-time disaster recovery replication (DRaaS) solution built on the award-winning Zerto platform that provides recovery site, data synchronization, accessibility and activation for part or all of your virtual environment.

SecondSite™ is a great product and has so many benefits to partners and customers. we have short the list as we could and came up with these range of benefits below:

Low RPOs: The SecondSite DR solution can give Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of as little as 3 seconds.

Low RTOs: Right after you hit the Failover button, we can have your VMs up and running in a few minutes anytime day or night giving you a great Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

DR you can test: A lot of solutions are great but too hard to properly test. SecondSite allows you to do full ring-fenced testing during business hours without pausing replication or impacting production.

Simple Pricing: Let’s not kid ourselves, you can pour good money after bad into DR projects that end up costing millions and often don’t deliver. We have made it simple, Rp2 million per VM, no hidden costs, contracts or gotchas.

Automation, Automation, Automation: At Zettagrid if we can’t automate it, we don’t want to do it. Take advantage of all the development we’ve done from our mature VDC product, networking and the Zerto product itself to make life easier for your company.

Expert Support: We at Zettagrid have done countless successful implementations. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let our experience in providing DR guide you to a successful implementation. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Contact us here to keep disaster away from your business.

Zettagrid Made Its First Mark on vFORUM Singapore 2019

Zettagrid Made Its First Mark on vFORUM Singapore 2019

After expanding and has two availability zones in Indonesia for two years, Zettagrid officially launches its availability zone in Singapore through vFORUM Singapore 2019 event that held by VMware. This event successfully attracts more than 1000 participants on last Thursday, 14 November 2019 at Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. Here are some highlights from the event.

vFORUM Singapore


Thank you for your visit at our showcase on this event. If you are curious with our Virtual Data Center, Backup, and Disaster Recovery solution, you can directly reach Gordon Salvage our Account Manager in Singapore on email; or for Indonesia area. We can’t wait to Simplify Your Cloud Experience.