3 Reasons Why Business Needs VDC Backup

Business VDC Backup

3 Reasons Why Business Needs VDC Backup

The development of digital technology has indeed opened many opportunities for the industry. Ranging from education, lifestyle, healthcare, and other business is now digital as technology solutions arise. Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore to see many businesses automate and scale up their IT capacity to be agile to compete in this era. One of them even utilizing Virtual Data Center (VDC) for that need.

As it is stated in the article before, the role of VDC can replace the need for business to own and operate their own data center. Rather than relying on physical servers to protect business systems and applications, now you can have virtual servers in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.

However, using VDC only is not enough for business to manage its IT infrastructure. A data protection strategy like VDC Backup is also needed to secure its system and applications that run virtually. Thus, business can securely store their systems and applications in their VDC.

Then, is there any reason why business needs VDC backup to strengthen its system? Read them below here:

1. Data Loss Can Cost Serious Money

VDC Backup

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Having a regular backups are an insurance policy for business. So much of the modern business supported by computer networks, a loss of your network data can have a crippling financial effect on business.

Ponemon Institute found that a major IT leaders have experienced that incidents led to data loss. With the global average cost that was a staggering $3.6 million, the enterprises approximately had lost $141 per data record.

Even small security breaches impacting a small number of files, it can still have a major impact. A report from Verizon found that small breaches, which involves the loss of fewer than 100 files, can cost business between $18,120 and $35,70. Rather than business throw that money at a preventable problem regularly, then it’s time to implement an effective Backup strategy like VDC Backup.

2. Ransomware

business VDC Backup

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Besides natural disasters, business also needs to prepare for cyberattacks. As digital technology evolves, many challenges like cyber-threat might come and lead business to loss.

According to The Hacker News, new ransomware strains called NotPetya, Wormable DarkRadiation, REvil Ransomware, and so on are found and targets Linux OS and Docker Container. If this ransomware strikes your business, you must be careful as those will encrypt the business files/directories in the OS.

However, enterprise shouldn’t be worried about this. As long as it has VDC Backup for the solution of a ransomware attack, business will minimize the potential of data loss anytime it wants. Furthermore, VDC Backup like in Zettagrid Indonesia also offers business self-service backup and recovery options. Thus, business will experience the ease of a secure, native integration in the VMware vCloud Director.

3. Regulatory Compliance

business VDC backup

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Many companies are constantly challenged in meeting policy and regulations for data storage, digital transactions management, and disaster recovery. Regulations tend to be industry-specific and call for the confidentially, portability, and accessibility of information.

Data Backup and business continuity policies must be executed to achieve data compliance. With VDC Backup like in Zettagrid Indonesia, business can leverage its data protection and disaster recovery for regulatory compliance and provide consistent business value and customer satisfaction. 

Then, what is the right backup strategy?

  • Cloud Backups: This could be an essential part of a smart backup strategy. By implementing Cloud Backup like VDC Backup, it will ensure that if your business suffers a natural disaster, you are able to restore your data off-site.
  • Encryption of Data In-Transit: Before being Backed up, the data should be encrypted when in transit. If business passed this step, hackers can snoop on data. That’s why, a smart encryption plan is key to overall data protection across your network.
  • The 3-2-1 Strategy: The 3-2-1 strategy for backups can be effective to build data protection strategy. It involves three backups located in two locations, such as on-premise and cloud storage locations. Finally, you should produce these backups at least once a day for maximum protection.
  • 24/7 Support: When your network goes down or you suffer data loss, you want a partner that can quickly restore your system from a backup no matter what day or time it is. A 24/7 support team like at Zettagrid Indonesia, will help you to recover the data back. Therefore, enterprise does not have to be panic once it happened.
  • Testing Backups: It’s important you work with a provider that tests the integrity of backups, considering a backup report can let you know if any files failed to transfer or if any corruptions occurred. Therefore, testing your backup solution regularly is important to achieve the effective recovery.

Zettagrid Indonesia is a Cloud Service Provider from Indonesia that provides cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), such as Virtual Data Center (VDC), Virtual Private Server (VPS), VDC Backup, Disaster Recovery, and so on. If your business needs VDC Backup or other cloud solution, you can contact us here or at

Why Business Needs Modern Data Protection?

modern data protection

Why Business Needs Modern Data Protection?

The sudden transformation to remote work of the customer experience in 2020 created a growing volume and type of data for organizations. By this case, many business then turned to the cloud to scale up data capacity and agility. Although the cloud had helped enterprises to manage their data flexibly, backup solutions were often not upgraded in parallel by business.

Despite its critical importance, data backup has been one area where business often underestimates it. This tactic can backfire, leaving organizations vulnerable to failures, cybersecurity breaches, also rising data storage and maintenance cost. Therefore, today’s modern data protection like backup strategy is needed to prevent business from the risk of data loss.

Then, what can modern data protection deliver to business?

1. Modern data protection Provide Better Security

modern data protection

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Data storage costs are spiraling upwards as well, whether on-premises or related to unplanned cloud capacity growth. While the amount of data generated in 2020 was exceptional, the expansion of data generation has been ongoing for years and is not likely to abate. Systems may not have been built to withstand rapid increases in data or to handle information on the cloud, in muti- or hybrid-cloud, and across different platforms and even formats. Therefore, modern data protection needs to be built by enterprise.

Within the realm of data protection, advanced solutions provide better security, value, and the ability to grow and evolve with an organization. In more sophisticated scenarios, modern backup solutions can even help organizations reach into and leverage stored data to augment the growing tools that require vast amounts of information.

2. Modern data protection takes resiliency to the next level

modern data protection

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While all data needs to be secure, some needs to be more secure: market performance trends used by an investment firm, for example, may not have the same security demands as a client’s account information. Data is also accessed at different times and frequencies. Therefore, modern data protection like Backup or Disaster Recovery is needed to help ensure that the right protection and access are optimally executed from the start.

Modern data protection can also learn how security needs evolve over time, based on changes in, such as usage, policies, or regulation. Imagine the benefits that such a system would have brought to an organization implementing GDPR compliance or ensuring secure, effective data integration as part of an acquisition.

Not only that but modern data protection can also track, identify, record, and analyze issues to suggest event resolution strategies. When combined with real-time monitoring, it can accelerate response time and reduces outages and related downtime. 

3. Automate IT environment for update and patch testing

modern data protection

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Business should think beyond their data stores as simply a place to run to if and when disaster strikes. Rather than a cellar that contains copies of missing or corrupt information, comprehensive backup stores can be the ingredients of an entirely separate “test kitchen” for DevOps and DevTest teams.

Data backup can automate the environment requirement for update and patch testing and troubleshooting. It can deliver a protected production space where new apps can be run in a sandbox-type scenario. Not only that, but this modern data protection can also be a near-real-time resource for advanced analytics, reducing the need for multiple-data replication across the company. 

Zettagrid Indonesia is a Cloud Service Provider in Indonesia that provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as VMware Virtual Data Center, VMware Virtual Server, Veeam Backup, and so on. If you have any questions related to our solution, you can reach us here or through


Source: Veeam

How to Protect Education Institution Data From Ransomware Attack?

protect education institution

How to Protect Education Institution Data From Ransomware Attack

In this modern era, internet has a vital role to ease our needs. Whether it is for entertainment, healthcare, business, and even education, these can be accessed now from anywhere and anytime as long as it is connected to the internet. However, regardless of its flexibility and advancement, doesn’t mean internet is a safe place to surf and access data. Cyber threat like ransomware also can be found by user. Therefore, a prevention is needed to avoid its risk, especially for education institution. 

According to Veeam, education institution is an attractive target for ransomware attacks. Students, teachers, and institute records are the lifeblood of any educational institute. The stakes are incredibly high for education institutes and organizations to adequately protect and secure their systems. Aside from the obvious financial implications of failing to protect data, it can also cause irreparable and immeasurable damage to an institution’s brand.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for educational institutes to mitigate risk against ransomware attacks. The first crucial step is by identifying where ransomware attacks come from and what solution to decrease the chances of attacks breaking through.

Identify potential ransomware access for education institutions

protect education institution

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Hackers can breach an institution’s data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Therefore, IT department needs to be prepared for what to protect in avoiding cyber attacks. One of the major ways is to identify hacker’s access to the institution’s system, such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and email.

RDP and email are the common systems that are often used by the institution. Connected by the internet network and offering flexible tools, both solutions can simplify user’s experience in collaborating with others. However, these workloads have a vulnerability to be attacked by ransomware.

Although its RDP has special IP addresses, redirecting RDP ports, complex passwords, and more, ransomware still can infect the system through its internet-connected. Not only that, but ransomware can also get through the system by phishing emails. That’s why before the risk is getting bigger, data protection is needed for education institutions.

The solution in Avoiding the Risk of Ransomware Attack

protect education institution

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Ransomware can bring education institutions not only to corrupt data and infected IT systems, but also it will bring them to data loss. To avoid this risk, become familiar to restore scenarios is important for Education institutions. So, it can give the organization familiarity with the process, a reasonable expectation of how much time is involved, and most importantly, confidence that the process will work.

Not only that but a recovery solution is also needed to meet the data protection strategy. With the flexible and reliable solution to recover data that lost or corrupted, education institution can avoid the risk of data loss that could impact to its continuity.

Determine a Reliable Backup Solution

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Implement reliable backup solution like Veeam Backup can help Education institution against data loss. By implementing its strategy for organizations’ IT systems, education institution can protect its continuity from unexpected loss. Not only that but Veeam Backup is also known for being the simple and flexible solution. This is a key set of attributes for organizations looking at strengthening their data management strategy.

Zettagrid Indonesia is a Cloud Service Provider in Indonesia that provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as VMware Virtual Data Center, VMware Virtual Server, Veeam Backup, and so on. If you have any questions related to our solution, you can reach us here or through

4 Strategies To Backup Business Data

Backup Business Data4 Strategies To Backup Business Data


Data loss can be a serious problem for businesses of all sizes. By losing files and all critical data, means the business will lose time and money to restore it. This will not only bother enterprises to run the business well but it will also experience difficulties in continuing its innovation. 

Therefore, a solution is needed to protect all critical data from its loss. Cloud backup can be a good choice for enterprises to prevent data loss. By using Cloud Backup, enterprises not only replicate their data when a disaster occurs but also business continuity can be saved from all the risks. 

However, simply using Cloud Backup without any consideration is not enough. You need to consider IT business needs before deciding to use a cloud backup service to protect your data. In this article, we compiled 4 strategies for you to backup business data in the cloud. 

1. Data Recovery Needs

Cloud Backup can be a solution to protect and backup business data from its loss. However, before deciding to use cloud backup, it will be better if you consider what data you want to backup. If you want to protect all data in an IT environment system, you can use a comprehensive Cloud Backup. But, if you only want to protect services such as databases on Microsoft Exchange, you can only use Cloud Backup for specific mailboxes.

2. Understand that hypervisor data backup will not be sufficient

Virtualization may offer a variety of capabilities, including the ability to perform backups at the hypervisor level of a virtual machine (VM). However, this type of backup is just restoring your recovery to the VM level. Therefore, backup service in a VM operating system is needed rather than just on a virtualization host. This aims to get the organization for the best recovery option.

3. Use local protection systems as the first line of defense

Public cloud services may offer you unlimited servers and storage resources. However, while the public cloud is a critical step for securing business data, you should also consider backups on a local system. By using local resources to connect to systems and data enable it to produce the best performance as well.

4. Use cloud backup as a second choice

Cloud Backup storage can be a second attempt for organizations to back up business data when a disaster strikes. By using this technology, you can prioritize servers and data that require offsite disaster recovery protection. So, when an IT system experiences a natural disaster or human error, the data loss can be replaced by data that has been replicated in Cloud Backup. Therefore, it will not disrupt business continuity.

Zettagrid Indonesia is an Indonesian cloud service provider that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions such as Backup as a Service (BaaS), Virtual Server, Virtual Datacenter, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Zettagrid Indonesia is also VMware’s Cloud Verified Partner and has data center locations in Jakarta and Cibitung. We are committed to being closer to you and ready to help you 24/7.

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