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Diskon 50% Spesial Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Diskon 50% Spesial Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia   Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!   Momentum Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia adalah saatnya untuk kita merajut kembali persatuan bangsa. Mencapai cita-cita untuk menuju Indonesia maju, salah satunya dengan mewujudkan Indonesia 4.0.  Zettagrid Indonesia turut mendukung gerakan ini dengan memberikan layanan cloud yang mudah digunakan dan terpercaya untuk usaha anda. Bersamaan dengan […]

New VDC Backup – Another Global First

VDC Backup – Another Global First (Veeam + vCloud Director)   We are pleased to announce the launch of VDC Backup today. The backup service is a global first and seamlessly integrates Veeam Backup and Recovery Enterprise Plus into VMware’s vCloud Director. This new product is fully automated and completely self-service. Here is a general […]

Tetap Aman Dengan Cloud Dikala Blackout Melanda

    Tetap Aman Dengan Cloud Dikala Blackout Melanda   Peristiwa mati listrik atau black out adalah peristiwa yang cukup berbahaya bagi para pelaku bisnis. Tentunya hal ini merupakan bencana terutama pada bidang IT infrastruktur. Jika tidak memiliki daya listrik, data-data penting yang anda miliki bisa saja hilang. Berdasarkan survey yang dilakukan oleh “The Disaster […]

Why Cloud Is Important In Smart Manufacturing?

  Why Cloud is Important in Smart Manufacturing?   The wave of Industrial Revolution 4.0 has started. Several developments will occur in every aspects of economic activities, including the manufacturing sector. In the future, a factory will turn digital and embraces machine to machine communication that we called Smart Manufacturing.   To support Smart Manufacturing, […]

6 Tips Memilih Cloud Provider

Kecanggihan teknologi yang dimiliki oleh cloud computing memunculkan banyaknya cloud service provider yang bermunculan saat ini. Namun, bagaimanakah cara untuk memilih layanan cloud yang tepat untuk kebutuhan bisnis anda? Berikut beberapa tips yang dapat anda perhatikan sebelum memilih provider.   Cari tau dan pastikan kebutuhan anda Seiring dengan pertumbuhan bisnis anda, anda wajib mencari tahu […]

Cashback Up To IDR 5,000,000

  Dear our lovely customer,   Zettagrid Indonesia journey started back in 2017 as a simple cloud service provider. Since then, we have expand our availability zones in Jakarta and Cibitung. Now our products can fulfill more of our client’s requirement also we have grown our customer base too. We always excited and grateful to […]

Understand Suitable Cloud Computing Type For You

  In the recent years, cloud computing has growing rapidly and become popular on technology industry. Several models and deployment strategies has appeared to help various users to meet their needs. Every type of cloud services will give you various level of control, flexibility, and management. Before you decide your needs, understand the cloud computing type […]

4 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Crucial on Industry 4.0

  Industry 4.0, also known as the intelligent industry, considered to be the fourth industrial revolution. Right now, we’re provided by digital technology that growing rapidly in every aspect of our lives. Technology such as Virtual Reality, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain is changing how we work and how we live. […]